Fast Development of China's Seed Industry

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    Seed Webinar Review

    In this webinar, CCM summarizes the seed market value and its contribution to crop yield in China. Main reasons for the market value could be sum up as two points: soaring price of seeds and increasing commercialization degree. To be specific, CCM analyzed different market segments, including vegetable seed, corn seed, rice seed, wheat seed and cotton seed.


    The webinar pointed out that huge market opportunities, fat profit and considerable investment returns have attracted more and more overseas companies into China's seed market. Moreover, vegetable seed and corn seed are the main targets for oversea companies. With more attention from Chinese government, seed industry in China is expected to be consolidated while on one hand, mergers and reorganization are likely to come for domestic companies in order to foster world-level; on the other hand, cooperation between seed companies and domestic scientific research institutions will be inevitable for the purpose of increasing R&D capability.


    In the end, seed treatment in China was briefly introduced, including physical treatment, chemical treatment, biological treatment, etc. CCM pointed out that in 2010, seed treatment rate of corn was about 80%, the highest among all crops, equaling to that of cotton; Corn seed treatment rate with seed coating agents was 54%, pesticides 25% and trace fertilizers 1%. Market volume and value of corn seed treatment in 2010 were about 13,000 tonnes and USD55 million respectively.


    CCM will continue to organize monthly webinars on China's crop protection and agri-industry, as well as to share its expertise and latest research findings. You can also send email to CCM advising the webinar topics.

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    China Seed Industry Webinar

    Conference Information


    Topic: Fast development of China's seed industry


    At 9:00 AM. CST, Feb. 25, 2011, CCM International Ltd., Chinese professional consulting company, hosted a webinar with the topic of Fast Development of China's Seed Industry.

    In this webinar, CCM mainly talked about the following six points:

    -Market value has been increasing quickly

    -More oversea companies enter into the market

    -Government plans to consolidate the industry

    -M&A inevitable for domestic companies

    -Enhance the R&D on GMO

    -Seed treatment market develops quickly

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    Conference Background

    Seeds play a very important role in agricultural production. It is reported that seed has improved crop yield in Chinawith contribution rate of 30%~ 40%.


    China is one of the largest seed producers and suppliers in the world, with annual consumption of over 11 million tonnes and annual market value growth rate of 10.62% since 2005. The market value climbed to USD8.05 billion in 2008, next only to the US in the world.


    At present, Chinese seed industry has severe problems to solve:

    ü         Large numbers of small-scale enterprises and low market concentration degree. China has over 7,000 seed producers, but top 10 seed producers only took up about 0.8% of global seed sales revenue in 2009.

    ü         Insufficient R&D investment. The average seed R&D investment of Chinese seed producers seizes on less 1% of total sales revenue. And 90% R&D of seed new varieties mainly comes from research institutes no seed producers.

    ü         Disorder seed market management. The protection of seed intellectual property is relatively weak in China.

    ü         The R&D technologies of seed producers are relatively weak in China compared with overseas producers, except hybrid rice.

    ü         Seed trade deficit is expanding, especially high added value seeds, such as vegetable seeds and flower seeds.


    Owing to big market cake, high gross profit rate and considerable investment returns, more and more overseas seed companies entered China, which intensifies competition in China. Up to now, over 70 overseas seed producers, such as Mosanto, Dupont/Pioneer, and Syngenta, etc, have entered China’s seed market. And overseas seed producers have dominated some high added-value seeds, such as vegetable seeds, flower seeds. It is estimated that about 50% market share of vegetable seeds is dominated by overseas seed producers.


    Faced with the fierce market competition of both home and aboard seed industry, what is the current status of China’s seed market? What is the competitive environment of seed market in China? What are the demand characteristics and influencing factors?What are the market distribution and marketstructure of main crop varieties?What are the risks and opportunities of the seed market in China? What is the future of seed industry in China?

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