China TiO2  Seminar 2011  Review



By cooperating with Guangdong Coating Association, a seminar on Opportunities and Challenges in China titanium Dioxide Industry was successfully held by CCM International Ltd. yesterday during Coat Expo China 2011. The seminar has attracted more than 50 attendees, andthe main topics discussed during this seminar included raw material supply situation of Titanium dioxide, import & export situation of Titanium dioxide in China, hiking price of titanium dioxide and development of Chlorination Process in China.



“titanium dioxide raw material has been short in supply, and the price of titanium dioxide will be increasing continuously” said Jack Lin, CCM’s expertmonitoring in this industry for many years, “In the next 5 years, the demands for titanium dioxide will be increased by 10% annually, the raw material of steel will be replaced in the near future, and the use of energy saving material will be highly stressed in building materials.”



At present, China’s titanium dioxide total production capacity takes up 30% of the world’s total capacity. In 2010, the production capacity and output of titanium dioxide in China reached over 2,000,000 tonnes and 1,470,000 tonnes respectively. Meanwhile, supplies from the US and European markets are getting less and China’s titanium dioxide exportation surplus emerged for the first time in May 2010.



China has become the world’s biggest titanium dioxide consumption country with apparent consumption in 2010 more than 1,400,000 tonnes. Boosted by its fast growth of economy, China’s demand maintains a rapid growth, which is an important opportunity for the titanium dioxide and its downstream industries, such as coating, rubber and plastic.



However, opportunities don’t come alone. Raw material supply shortage has been an increasingly urgent question for China’s titanium dioxide industry to solve. “The surging raw materials cost has largely squeezed the profit of titanium dioxide business. At the same time, China needs to invest more time and investment to develop the chloride process for titanium dioxide production,’ expressed Jack Lin.



Having talked about the practical problems of this industry, this seminar has put up suggestions for the healthy development of China’s titanium dioxide industry. Many industry players such as Dow Chemical, MASSO, Luohe Xingmao; Tianlun Chemical, have participated this seminar. The attendees expressed that they have obtained substantial information and insights through this seminar. They also hope that CCM can hold more of such events in future.


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