CCM’s Online Platform

CCM’s Online Platform focuses in China’s agriculture, food, chemical and biotechnology markets. It provides clients with in- depth, real- time, comprehensive, and segment- industry focused information. With over 15 years of information accumulation, CCM is now introducing clients to a powerful online platform, which gives them full access to CCM’s entire databases at once.

What makes CCM’s Online Platform attractive?

CCM’s Online Platform consists of more than 180,000 data and information pieces across over 15 segment industries both from the past and present. Not only it provides clients with the information within their own focused areas, it also lets them explore information from various industrial sectors.

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CCM’s Online Platform concentrates in the following segment industries:

  • AgricultureAgriculture

    - Crops
    - Fertilizer
    - Pesticide
    - Seed
    - Corn Products

  • Food & FeedFood & Feed

    - Sugar & Sweetener
    - Dairy products
    - Vitamin
    - Amino Acid

  • ChemicalsChemicals

    - Fluorine
    - Phosphorus
    - TiO2
    - Li- ion battery

  • BiotechnologyBiotechnology

    - Bioenergy
    - Biomaterial
    - Bio- pesticide
    - Bio- fertilizer
    - Enzymic Preparation

CCM’s Online Platform includes:

Industrial Database

Whether you are looking to stay in tune with the latest key industrial trends, to out-perform the competition, or to make good investments, our Industrial Database can fulfill all your needs. It allows you to access to more than 180,000 information pieces across 15 segment industries in the forms of reports, newsletters, market data,and content byte.

You can find information about:
- Suppliers, traders, consumers
- Price monitoring and forecast
- Supply & demand
- Export & import
- Competition monitoring
- Government regulation & policy
In the forms of:
- In-depth first hand research
- Segment-industry focused
- Cross- checked for validity