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    Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2017/07/07

    Keyword:Agriculture;Pesticide formulations;Pesticides

    Description:The report of Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China is an analysis report about the ranking lists of China's pesticide industry, including 2017 China Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises, 2017 China Top 30 …

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    China Pesticide Technical Price Report Edition(2)

    Latest update:2017/08/29

    Keyword:Pesticide technical;Pesticides

    Description:If you are interested in finding out the price changes of different pesticide products in China in the past few years, you could have a look at this report—China Pesticide Technical Price Report, CCM'…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industrial Parks in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2011/07/21


    Description:Pesticide production move/relocation into pesticide industrial parks has become a development trend. According to "China Pesticide Industry Policy” released in Sep. 2010, trying to achieve the goal th…

  • Industrial Reports

    China Pesticide Technical Price Report (2013-2016) Edition(1)

    Latest update:2016/08/03

    Keyword:Agriculture;Pesticide technical;Pesticides

    Description:Prices of pesticides have been falling continuously in China since 2014. According to the Chinese Industrial Association's price index, prices of herbicides and insecticides presented significant down…

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    Survey of Bio-pesticide Industry in China Edition(2)

    Latest update:2013/07/04

    Keyword:Abamectin technical;Agriculture;Bio-pesticide;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:Bio-pesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. For example, canola oil and baking soda have pesticidal applicati…

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    Report on Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in 2015 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2016/05/10


    Description:As representatives of pesticide companies in China, domestic listed pesticide enterprises are supposed to be the guides for the development of the whole industry. In this report, financial performance…

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    The Future of Pesticide in China 2009-2015 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2008/09/01


    Description:Every year, because of pesticide, over billions of hectares of crops are protected against insect pests and diseases in the world. The sales value of pesticide has exceeded USD 30 billion in the world…

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    Trend of China's Pesticide Distribution Edition(1)

    Latest update:2015/04/17


    Description:There is no doubt that E-business is the hottest word in 2014 and will be booming in the next few years in China's pesticide industry. The Singles Day (Online sellers give a great discount in the name…

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    Policies for Pesticide Industry in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/12/06


    Description:Pesticides play an important role in agricultural development. Aim to solve the problems of pesticide industry, pesticide policies focus on all aspects of pesticides such as registration, production, …

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(5)

    Latest update:2017/02/08


    Description:As a large agriculture country, China has become the biggest production base of pesticides in the world, with its crop area of over 160 million hectares in the past four years, strongly supporting for…

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    Pesticide Policies in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2014/04/02

    Keyword:Agriculture;Chlorsulfuron formulations;Chlorsulfuron technical;Ethametsulfuron formulations;Ethametsulfuron technical;Glyphosate formulations;Glyphosate technical;Herbicides;Metsulfuron-methyl technical;Paraquat formulations;Paraquat technical;Pesticides

    Description:After years of development, both the capacity and the output of pesticides in China are at the forefront in the world and China has become one of the most important producers and exporters. However, p…

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    Main Pesticide Exhibitions in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2016/11/04


    Description:In March 2015, China issued the Action Plan of Zero Growth in Fertilizer Usage by 2020 and the Action Plan of Zero Growth in Pesticide Usage by 2020. In 2015-2016, themes such as "Green Crop Protectio…

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    Survey of Pesticide Surfactants in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2013/05/15

    Keyword:Agriculture;Pesticides;Tristyrenephenol ethoxylate phosphates

    Description:As the requirements for environmental protection are becoming increasingly stringent, and the structure of pesticide formulations is changing, China’s pesticide surfactant industry has experienced gre…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2012/10/12


    Description:China has been playing an important role in pesticide production in the world. It is the biggest pesticide production country currently, with pesticide output hitting 2.65 million tonnes (by 100% tech…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(2)

    Latest update:2010/10/01


    Description:China now plays an important role in pesticide production in the world. It is the biggest pesticide producer currently, whose output volume and export volume reached 2.23 million tonnes and 0.51 milli…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(4)

    Latest update:2014/04/03


    Description:Background: Chinese government is now actively raising the overall industrial strength for domestic pesticide industry by means of releasing stricter environmental protection policies, heightening …

  • Industrial Reports

    Investment Analysis of China's Pesticide Industry Edition(1)

    Latest update:2015/06/30

    Keyword:Agriculture;Boscalid formulations;Boscalid technical;Fungicides;Pesticides

    Description:China’s pesticide industry plays an important role in global market. Since the more and more frequent cooperation and exchanges between domestic and overseas’ pesticide players, this report had been f…

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    2015 Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2015/07/03

    Keyword:Agriculture;Clethodim formulations;Clethodim technical;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:On May 7th, 2015, China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) published the ranking list of the top 100 China pesticide enterprises for the fifth time, and the ranking list of the top 30 pestic…

  • Industrial Reports

    Analysis of the New Regulations on Pesticide Administration in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/05/05


    Description:This report is about the analysis of the new Regulations on Pesticide Administration in China. On 1 April, 2017, the new Regulations on Pesticide Administration were released and will come into force …

  • Industrial Reports

    China Pesticide Industry 2013 Annual Report Edition(1)

    Latest update:2014/08/05


    Description:In 2013, China's pesticide industry had a fast development: according to National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2013, pesticides' output of 335 pesticide enterprises (above designated size) got a …