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    Seed treatment for corn hot in China (Seed China News 1102)

    Latest update:2011/04/28

    Keyword:Seeds and Seed Treatment;10% thiram· tebuconazole FS;15% carbofuran· carbendazim FS ;2% tebuconazole WS;20% thiram· carbofuran FS;20.6% carbosulfan· thiram· tebuconazole FS;35% carbendazim· thiram·carbofuran FS;35% cavbofuran FS;5% diniconazole ZGF;6% tebuconazole FS;70% imidacloprid ZF ;Seed treatment;Thiram;carbendazim;carbofuran;carbosulfan;diniconazole-M ZGF ;tebuconazole

    Description:The registration of corn seed coating agents becomes very hot in recent years, reflecting the bright prospect of seed coating agents market in China.