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    Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Material Co., Ltd. planned to go listed on 'Growth Enterprises Market' board

    Latest update:2016/09/27

    Keyword:Fluorinated silicone rubber;Trifluoropropene;Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Material Co., Ltd.;Growth Enterprises Market;Company dynamics;New project/new production line;Background;Strategy;Investment

    Description: On 21 Sept., 2016, Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Material Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Huanxin) announced the submission of its prospectus to related departments for application. This is a step for its listing on …

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    CN-Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Material Co., Ltd. planned to go listed on 'Growth Enterprises Market' board

    Latest update:2016/09/28

    Keyword:Fluorinated silicone rubber;Trifluoropropene;Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Material Co., Ltd.;Growth Enterprises Market;Company dynamics;New project/new production line;Background;Strategy;Investment

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    Twelve seed enterprises enter Chinese New Third Board

    Latest update:2015/07/23

    Keyword:Chongqing Banghao Seed Industry Co., Ltd.;Beijing Lantron Seed Corp.; Xinjiang Jinmian Seed Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd.;Xinjiang StarSeed Science and Technology Co., Ltd.;Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Technology Co. Ltd.;Beidahuang Kenfeng Seed Co., Ltd.;JiangSu Zhongjiang Seed Co., Ltd.;Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Co., Ltd.;Henan Qiule Seeds Technology Co., Ltd.;Zhongmian Seed Technology Co., Ltd.;Shandong Anxieense Co., Ltd.;Shandong Xinqiu Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.;Company dynamics;Market dynamics

    Description: In China, seed enterprises can raise capital through issuing shares at Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This type of financing usually has higher qualification requirements for se…

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    Competition of white coated board industry weaker

    Latest update:2011/02/11

    Keyword:Ivory board paper industry;White coated board industry;Wrapping paper industry;Meili Paper;Demand;Competition;End user/Client;Forecast/Trend;Opportunity

    Description:The ivory board paper is the main sort in the white coated board. At present, the annual consumption of ivory board paper is about 2 million tonnes, with an annual increase of over 10%. In the last tw…

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    Performance in 2014 of Chinese seed enterprises that entered New Third Board

    Latest update:2015/05/21

    Keyword:Shandong Xinqiu Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.;Zhongmian Seed Technology Co., Ltd.;Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Technology Co. Ltd.;Beidahuang Kenfeng Seed Co., Ltd.;Shandong Anxieense Co., Ltd.;Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Co., Ltd.;Henan Qiule Seeds Technology Co., Ltd.;JiangSu Zhongjiang Seed Co., Ltd.;Beijing Lantron Seed Corp.;Xinjiang Jinmian Seed Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd.;Company dynamics;Profit/Revenue

    Description: As of May 2015, altogether 10 Chinese seed enterprises have entered the New Third Board (National Equities Exchange and Quotationsfor small and medium-sized enterprises). They are: Xinjiang Jinmian …

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    Coated white board price continues to rise

    Latest update:2011/06/02

    Keyword:Coated white board product;Zhejiang Fuyang Yongxing Paper;Gold East Paper;Foshan Huafeng Paper;Production/Supply;Import;Forecast/Trend;Factor;Quality;Raw materials;Transportation/Storage;Price;Cost;Profit/Revenue

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    Huarun’s gypsum board paper products to reach 250,000 t/a by 2009

    Latest update:2011/02/09

    Keyword:Soundproof gypsum board paper;Waterproof;Fireproof;Gypsum board paper;Bohui Paper Company;China Building Decoration Materials Association;China National Building Material Group Corporation;Zaozhuang Huarun Paper Company;Company dynamics;Production/Supply;New project/new production line;Import origin;Demand;Competition;Import;Market share;Forecast/Trend;Technology;Quality

    Description:At present, as the domestic demand for gypsum board paper is increasing greatly, Zaozhuang Huarun Paper Company's (Huarun) gypsum board paper plans to expand its production capacity to meet the increa…

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    Meili Paper’s 300kt/a coated ivory board production line under trial run

    Latest update:2011/06/01

    Keyword:Gypsum board paper;Paperboard;Coated ivory board;China Metallurgical Group Corporation;Meili Paper;Company dynamics;Production/Supply;New project/new production line;Demand;Competition;Forecast/Trend;Raw materials

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    Many infant formula enterprises turned in poor results in 2014

    Latest update:2015/01/18

    Keyword:Biostime International Holdings Limited;BEINGMATE GROUP CO., LTD.;Danone;Yashili International Holdings Ltd. ;Basic info;Profit/Revenue;Market dynamics

    Description: On 14 January, Yashili International Holdings Ltd. (Yashili) announced a profit warning to shareholders. This indicated that its net profit for 2014 would decline by about 40% compared with that of …

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    An increasing number of pesticide enterprises was attracted to join the National Equities Exchange and Quotations

    Latest update:2017/01/06

    Keyword:Pesticides;National Equities Exchange and Quotations;Policy;Strategy;Opportunity;Financial;Market dynamics;Strength

    Description: The NEEQ plays a significant role in providing small- and medium-sized enterprises with financing channels. As a platform for equity transactions, it has lower access thresholds than the Main Board …

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    The National Equities Exchange and Quotations provides pesticide enterprises with diversified financing channels

    Latest update:2016/11/26

    Keyword:Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd.;National Equities Exchange and Quotations;Background;Strategy;Investment;Market dynamics

    Description: In fact, the capital market has always been one of the best choices for enterprises who desire to raise funds for further development. Large scale companies are often inclined to get A share listing…

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    Sanonda to exploit market for fenoxycarb

    Latest update:2010/10/12

    Keyword:Etherification and Condensation technical;Chlorination technical;Amination technical;Parachlorophenol technical;Phenol technical;Ethyl Chloroformate technical;Ethanolamine technical;Juvenile Hormone technical;Fenoxycarb technical;Fenoxycarb formulations;Sanonda Group;Science and Technology Bureau in Henan province;Sanonda Pesticide Company;Pesticide;Insect growth regulator;Vegetable;Crop;Orchard;Environmental protection;Production/Supply;Marketing;Technology;Affiliated company;R&D/Technology innovation;Application

    Description:So far, Sanonda Pesticide Company (Zhengzhou) is the only company that can manufacture fenoxycarb in Asia, and its annual output for fenoxycarb has been over 1 million tonnes at present. Besides, the …

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    Current market situation of China’s Avermectins

    Latest update:2010/10/13

    Keyword:Living acaricide;Living insecticide;Avermectins technical;Avermectins formulations;2% Avermectins micro-capsule suspending agent formulations;1.8% Avermectins EC formulations;Merck;Kitasato University;China Agrochemical Industry Association;Huayao Ainuo Company;Qianjiang Biochemical Company;Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Company;Shandong Qilu Company;Hebei Weiyuan Biochemical Company;Agriculture Department of China;Red spider;Cole miller;Acarid;Aphid;Environmental protection;Commercialization;Policy;Production/Supply;Export;Demand;Producer;Planting;Market share;Forecast/Trend;Exporter;Market dynamics

    Description:Glyphosate, the single agrochemical technical with largest output in the world, accounts for around 30% of the whole herbicide market. Meanwhile, it is the herbicide variety, with the fastest developm…

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    Longping High-tech predicts substantial profit growth

    Latest update:2011/10/31

    Keyword:Corn seed;Chilli products;Hybrid rice seed;Winall High-tech;Hefei Fengle;Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd.;Profit/Revenue

    Description: On 28 Oct. 2011, Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. (Longping High-tech), one of the top hybrid rice companies in China, released its earnings pre-announcement of 2011. The company predic…

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    Henan Qiule witnessed rapid growth in recent years

    Latest update:2011/07/08

    Keyword:Cotton seed;Wheat seed;Corn seed;Henan Qiule Seed Industry Co., Ltd.;Background;Profit/Revenue

    Description: Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Seed Industry Co., Ltd., one of the top 50 seed players in China has been recently renamed Henan Qiule Seed Industry Co., Ltd. (Henan Qiule) . The company, con…

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    Large seed enterprises are intending to get listed but it is not an easy task

    Latest update:2013/01/17

    Keyword:Seed;Heilongjiang Kenfeng Seed Co., Ltd.;Anhui Wanken Seed Co., Ltd.;China Securities Regulatory Commission;Company dynamics;Forecast/Trend

    Description: Aided by the nation's support on crop seed industry, a number of large seed enterprises are intending to get listed in the capital market. However, it is not an easy task to win the approval of IPO …

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    Three fungicide enterprises listed to quicken industry development in 2015

    Latest update:2016/01/12

    Keyword:Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.; Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. ;Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemial Co., Ltd. ;Company dynamics;Production/Supply;New project/new production line;Background;Financial;R&D/Technology innovation;Investment;Sale

    Description: Three pesticide enterprises listed on the A-share market

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    Trends of technology, production and market in holograms for packaging

    Latest update:2011/01/07

    Keyword:Tobacco industry;Holographic packaging industry;Laser holography;Tobacco industry;Guangzhou Big-beard;Production/Supply;Consumption;Demand;Producer;Forecast/Trend;Technology;Raw materials;R&D/Technology innovation;Application;Cost;Sale

    Description:Market for holographic packaging in 2011 in China:

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    Zhejiang Wynca's revenue in the half year reached 590.62 million, the highest among listed pesticide enterprises in China, up 22.80% YoY.

    Latest update:2013/08/26

    Keyword:Glyphosate technical;Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Group Co., Ltd.;Price;Investment;Profit/Revenue;Sale

    Description: Zhejiang Wynca, a listed glyphosate and silicone manufacturer in China, experienced thriving performance in H1 2013. Its revenue in the first half year of 2013 reached 590.62 million, the highest am…

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    Reliance on common liquorice products means poor competitiveness in the market

    Latest update:2016/05/26

    Keyword:Sweeteners;Liquorice extract;Glycyrrhizin;Jiangsu Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ;Xinjiang Talimu Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.;Challenge;Company dynamics;Competition;Product structure/Service;Strategy;Opportunity;Financial;Profit/Revenue;Sale

    Description: However, more and more enterprises, positive about the industry development, have stepped into this segment – the 2nd requirement cannot be met.