Starch Webinar Review

A free online webinar on starch was successfully held by CCM at 17:00 (GMT+8, Beijing Time) September 22, 2011, which shows CCM's insights about China's starch industry.


"Thiswebinar was very successful." Stephanie He, the speaker of the webinar, stated " It attracted attention of people from famous companies. 42 clients registered and 17 of them attended, includingleading companies such as Tate & Lyle, Roquette, Cargill, etc." "I'm so glad that 67% of the attendees think this webinar is good, and they also show great interest in CCM’s next webinar.” said Stephanie.


In this webinar, CCM discussed the Chinese Governmental policy's influence on China's starch industry,  mainly corn starch industry, potato starch industry and cassava starch industry by introducing the back ground information, regulations and the impacts of each industry. Besides, some market trend of each industry had been discussed in this webinar.


"Actually all findings are from CCM's relevant market reports and newsletters, including: Corn Product China News, Future of Modified Starch in Asia Pacific, Profiles of Key Starch Enterprises in China, Starch Industry Hot Topics and Future of Starches in China", Stephanie explained.


CCM will keep hold such kind of live webinars frequently. The next topic is Survey of Mancozeb in China. We are looking forward to your attendances in CCM's next webinar!


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