Regional Consumption Research on Agricultural Supplies & Equipment

It is a tailor-made research program for manufacturers, importers, exporters, investors, institutions, academics and other insiders of agricultural industry. The program is based on rigorous study conducted by a team of experienced researchers from CCM, which can help you gain comprehensive understanding of consumption intelligence on China's various regions .

  • Focus of the research

    • Panel data investigations around regional consumption of pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, etc;
    • Panel data investigations around regional crop diseases, pests and weeds, and meteorology;
    • Panel data investigations around regional agricultural equipments;
    • Consumption behavior of farmers;
    • Cost of crop planting;
    • Others.
  • General process of the research

    • Thorough analysis on customer's requirements;
    • Appropriate positioning on the scope of research;
    • Adoption of effective and scientific methods, including on-site investigation on at the target region, compiling massive information and data sourced from CCM's own database, internet, third party information provider and other channels;
    • Application of study , discussion and revision to make sure the content of the final draft is professional, neutral and accurate;
  • Benefits of the research

    • Helping you to understand and enter Chinese market;
    • Providing insightful and comprehensive intelligence for assisting your business development;
    • Helping you find out opportunity, strength, prospect, risk, and more valuable information;
    • Saving your cost of time, labor and investment in conducting research;
    • Offering comprehensive analysis and overview which are applicable to the ever-changing market and industry;

Successful case

Syndicated Research Project of Hunan Rice Panel Data & Analysis Model

As a large rice production province in China, Hunan holds a rice planting area of over 300,000 hectares. In order to establish a key market indicator of China's rice industry, CCM carried out the project to dig deeply into Hunan's rice production and to conduct panel data investigations around its basic information, such as pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, crop diseases, pests & weeds, local meteorology and agricultural products, and finally set up multiple analysis models basing on the large amounts of data.

The analysis model used in the research project can also be applied to any crop in any regions of China. This project is one experimental field plan of China Agricultural Information Platform Project-a project of CCM's long-term plan. CCM will keep conducting similar projects on the main crops of different provinces in the future, so as to build the overall data platform for China's agricultural industry.

Advantages & Features

  • Crop-oriented-data research aiming at all crop related projects, sorting out relationships between different market factors in crop market;
  • Focus on panel data theory, geographically accurate to county or city level;
  • Centered by crop data, research and summarize farmers' habits and behavior of using fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and other products;
  • In-depth investigation on the intended countryside and local dealers by adoption of scientific investigative methods and channels;
  • The model used not only can be applied to rice planting in Hunan, but also can be applied to any other crop planting in any region of China;

Contents of Panel Data Research

The investigation areas of the project covers 30 counties in Hengyang, Yueyang and Changde, which are three main rice-planting fields in Hunan province. Table contents of the research include:

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