Website User Agreement

1. Special notice.

The Term Use Agreement and other regulations are released by To obtain the information services, service users (hereinafter abbreviated as users) shall agree to all the clauses of this agreement and complete the whole registration process based on the implications of the web pages. Users' clicking on 'Agree' button during registration is considered as acceptance of all the agreement clauses.

The clauses could be updated by at any time, and will be publicized on related web pages in case of any revision. The revised Term Use Agreement will replace the original one as soon as it is put up on the web page, and will be regarded as accepted and agreed by users, who can visit at any time to check and go through the latest agreement. Prior to using various services provided by, users shall carefully read this agreement. In case of disagreement to the current clauses and/or revisions at any time, please stop the usage of related services.

2. Service content

Concret content of's information services will be supplied according to the actual conditions, such as dynamic database, report, newsletter, meeting, industrial consultancy, company dynamics, company profile, etc. reserves the rights to modify, discontinue or terminate part of or all information services at any time.

2.2 will charge service fee on certain information services (such as dynamic database, report, newsletter, meeting, industrial consultancy, etc), on which clear suggestions will be provided on related web pages. If the users disagree to pay the fee, there will be no access to related services.

Users understand that only provides related information services, and all the related devices, including computers, modems and other equipments required for Internet access and the necessary expenses such as telephone fee and Internet fee for connecting to the Internet shall be paid by users.

Please use legal software to receive the information services.

3. User registration

Users shall guarantee the following requirements when registering on website

A Personal information provided shall be authentic and reliable.

B For company users, in the third registration step, namely 3, input the E-mail address to which will send you the information, users shall provide Email-address ended with company name or company identity such as, but not address ended with,, etc.

If users violate any of the two conditions mentioned above, cannot guarantee the needed or purchased information to be sent to users correctly. shall be not responsible for any loss incurred by the violation.

4. Rules of use.

Upon successful registration, will grant a user account and corresponding password to users according to the registration information. The users will be responsible for keeping the account and password and take full legal responsibilities for the activities conducted under the account.

Users agree to accept the product promotion materials or other business information sent by via E-mail or other methods.

Users shall conform to the following principles when using's information services:

A. Conform to related laws and regulations of People's Republic of China.

B. Do not use information services system for any unlawful purpose; C. Comply with all the network agreements, rules and procedures related to information services;

D. Do no use's information service system to disturb the normal operation of the Internet.

E. Do not distribute any harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, pornographic or other illegal information or materials;

F. Do not violate's interests through the information service system.

G. Adopt the communication channels provided by related institutes on services, products and business consultancy provided by and its business partners, and do not deliver negative words about's services in public;

H. Inform immediately in case of illegal usage or safety risks of user account.

User shall promise when using's information services:

A. Users promise to apply the user permission internally and do not to transfer or share information to the third party for free or not, or for any other commercial and non-commercial purposes undefined in this agreement. Users shall not provide the related user permission, including but not limited to user name and password, to any third party.

B. Users promise not to disclose, transfer or sell the information acquired via the user permission from's website, including but not limited to text, files, data, software, sounds, pictures, videos, graphs, etc., to the third party, and do not use computer programs excluded in the agreement to automatically download these information.

Once users violate any of the above promises, has the right to terminate the user permission. If this happens, users' pre-paid service fee will be taken as compensation for and will not be refunded. If the service fee is inadequate to make up's loss caused by users' violation of previous agreements, can claim relevant loss. In no event shall be liable to claim and/or compensation liability and obligation from any third party due to users' violation of any previous regulations, and user shall be responsible for the loss, compensation liability and expenses incurred due to such claims and lawsuits.

Users shall conform to terms of use and relevant rules when logging into's website via acquired user account and password or using related services. Users' logging into the above website and use of the above services are regarded as acceptance of use agreement and rules.

5. Ownership of content

Information services provided by may include text, files, data, software, sounds, pictures, videos, graphs, etc., all protected by copyright, trademark, and other property right laws.

Users have access to these services only via written authorization from and relevant right holders, and shall not copy and recreate these contents or generate derivative products.

6. Privacy protection

Protecting users' privacy is a basic policy of, which promises not to publicize or provide the users' registration information and private information left when using's services to the third party, except the following conditions:

A Having acquired users' explicit authorization in advance;

B Required by relevant laws and regulations;

C Required by relevant government departments;

D To safeguard public interests;

E To protect's legal rights and interests.

6.2 may cooperate with the third parties to provide users with relevant information services, and if the third party agrees to bear the same responsibility to protect user privacy, can provide the users' registration information to the third party.

In condition of non-disclosure of users' private information, has the right to technically analyse the whole user database and commercially utilize the database after analysis and compiling. Although has made great efforts in protecting user privacy, it still can not guarantee the users' technical information not subject to any form of loss under current safety measures.

7. Disclaimer

Web site maintenance / network congestion
Due to limitations of network bandwidth, users may be unable to visit to's website for a short period of time in case of network congestion. Meanwhile, users shall also understand that as a result of maintenance of servers and databases system and system upgrade, needs to shut down the server from time to time. If such off time exceeds 24 hours, the service term will be extended accordingly.

Force Majeure
In case of's inability to provide agreed services caused by force majeure incidents (refers to incidents beyond a party's reasonable control scope and unavoidable even the affected party has paid reasonable attention, including but not limited to earthquake, fire, war, governmental action, strikes, riots, hackers attacks, technical malfunction of telecommunications company or any other natural or man-made disasters), for users having paid the service fee but not received services yet , will refund the undelivered service fee if the user can return's invoice supplied for refund, otherwise users will be refunded after deduction of the corresponding taxes and fees.

Users explicitly agree to take full risk of using's information services, and are fully responsible for the consequences of using the information services. is not responsible for any user's risk.

8. Modification, interruption or termination of services

8.1 will inform users in advance for suspension of services due to system maintenance or upgrade.

8.2 has the right to discontinue or terminate information services stipulated in this agreement at any time without informing users, provided that:

A. Users provide false information;

B. Users violate the rules of this use agreement.

In addition to the circumstances above, reserves the right to discontinue or terminate part of or the entire information services without informing users in advance, and takes no responsibility for users and any third party for the loss caused by interruption or termination of services.

9. Compensation for breach of contract

Users agree to protect's and the other users' interests. If any user causes loss for and any third person by violating relevant laws, regulations or clauses in this agreement, the user shall bear liability for the damage caused.

10. Law and jurisdiction

The sign, fulfillment and disputes settlement of this agreement apply to laws of People's Republic of China.
If the two parties have any dispute over the contents or fulfillment of this agreement, they shall try to settle the disputes through friendly negotiation first. If it fails, any party shall lodge arbitration to China Arbitration Commission.

11. Notifications and delivery

All the notices under this agreement can be delivered through important page notice, E-mails or letters. Such notice is regarded having been sent to the recipient on the date of sending.

12. Other regulations

This agreement constitutes the complete agreement on agreed and related matters of both sides. It does not grant other rights to all the parties apart from the provisions of this agreement.

If any term of this agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, the remaining provisions are still effective and enforceable.

The titles of this agreement are set for convenience and have no legal or contractual effect.