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Future of Green Biotechnology in China

Future of Green Biotechnology in China

Report edition: 2009 edition(1)
Finished time: Oct. 2009
Document type: WPE
Total pages: 131
Language version: English
Published by CCM
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  • Main contents
  • Introduction
  • List of tables
  • List of figures

Main contents:

Executive summary1
Methodology and sources7
IIntroduction to green biotechnology in the world9
IIOverview of China’s green biotechnology industry13
IIIPolicies and influencing factors 16
III-1.2Some government support policies17
III-2Influencing factors19
IVMarkets of green biotechnology in China21
IV-1Genetically modified crops and their breeding21
IV-1.1Insect-resistant cotton (Bt cotton)22
IV-1.2Other genetically modified crops27
IV-1.3R&D progress30
IV-1.4Problems existing in China’s GM crops32
IV-1.5Future forecast 33
IV-2Clone and transgenic animals37
IV-2.1.1Applications of animal cloning technology38
IV-2.1.2Applications of transgenic animal technology38
IV-2.2R&D progress40
IV-2.3Future froecast41
IV-3Biological pesticide42
IV-3.1Bio-insecticide 49
IV-3.2Bio-fungicide 57
IV-3.3Biological plant growth regulator 61
IV-3.4R&D progress62
IV-3.5Future forecast 63
IV-4 Bio-fertilizer(microbial fertilizer)68
IV-4.1Bio-fertilizer production in China69
IV-4.2R&D progress79
IV-4.3Future forecast80
IV-5Biological veterinary medicine83
IV-5.1Animal vaccines84
IV-5.2Other biological veterinary medicine89
IV-5.3R&D progress89
IV-5.4Future forecast90
IV-6Biological feed additives93
IV-6.1Feed enzyme preparations 94
IV-6.2Microbial feed additives 102
IV-6.3R&D progress103
IV-6.4Future forecast 104
IV-7.1Plant bioreactor107
IV-7.2Animal bioreactor108
IV-7.3Plant tissue culture109
VRecent industry activity in China 112
VIConclusion and recommendation113
VIIProfiles of major players and researchers115
VII.1Profiles of major players115
VII.2Profiles of major researchers129


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