Pesticide Price Analysis in China in H1 2019

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The Chinese government has introduced a series of influential policies and regulations on environmental protection in recent years. As a result, effective inspection and modification measures have been carried out in the agrochemical industry, which helps to eliminate backward capacity in the business. Industrial transfer has been pushed forward and supply-side reform deepened. Those environmental protection measures have a great impact on pesticide prices.

Prices of technical products had surged after the explosion in Xiangshui County on 21 March, 2019. Nevertheless, pesticide prices in China still showed a downward trend in H1 2019 mainly because of sluggish demand and insufficient supply at home as well as slack performance in export. Hence, wait-and-see atmosphere was created. Meanwhile, environmental protection inspections and work safety examinations led to quite a long period of production restriction or suspension in many chemical parks in many provinces. Besides, affected by the US-Sino trade war, exports fell off compared with that of previous years. It is expected that prices of most technical products will drop further in H2 in China.

In this report, CCM will do analysis of the prices of pesticides in China in H1 2019 from the following aspects:
- Main influencing factors of pesticide prices
- Analysis of pesticide supply
- Price trend of pesticides
- Forecast on price trend in H2 2019

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