Production and Market of Melamine in China

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Melamine is commonly used in laminate, coating, papermaking, textile and leather industries, as well as mold plastics, flame retardant additives and water-reducing admixtures in China. In recent years, China's melamine has been in a stage of overcapacity.

In 2010, the capacity of melamine in China was 1,239,800 t/a, which was increased to 1,931,000 t/a in 2016. With the gradual release of new capacities, competitions among domestic trade is expected to be fierce, thus exports will become an important means to ease overcapacity in China.

As the largest melamine producer and supplier in the world, China has the world's largest amount of melamine production technologies. Domestic melamine production methods are widely adopted by more and more melamine producers as technology developed, which of them is the most popular methods in China? What factors led to the increase in production capacity while the industry’s operating rate is declining? As China exports a large amount of melamine each year, how did other countries react to China's exportation? In the past five years, which melamine downstream industry had the largest growth?

Answers to these questions can be found in this intelligent report. Following aspects of melamine industry are emphatically covered in this report:
- Production of melamine in China, 2001–2017
- Imports and exports of melamine in China, 2012–2017
- Melamine price in China and its influencing factors, 2012–2017
- Consumption of melamine in China, 2012–2017
- Forecast on production and consumption of melamine industry in China
- Government policies and technology of melamine production in China
- Company profiles of major melamine producer in China

As a thorough research on melamine industry in China, this report provides an integrated analysis of the production & market of melamine and professional forecasts to guide the investments and businesses for melamine producers and downstream players who pay close attention to melamine industry or try to find opportunities from it.

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