86 Chinese Independent Innovation Pesticides

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During the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011–2015), supported by the project of R&D and Industrialization of Green Ecological Pesticides (National Key Technology R&D Program of China), China's pesticide industry has made fruitful achievements in technology innovation. During this period, the accumulative area for extension of Chinese independent innovation pesticide reached 100 million ha, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 30% compared with the period of the 11th Five-Year Plan, and the sales value amounted to USD160.59 million (RMB1 billion), up by 200% year on year.

In 1995–Nov. 2016, there were about 86 China-made chemical pesticide ingredients in China, including the ones within the period of validity, or which have been expired, or have not been registered yet.

According to statistics, from these 86 pesticides with independent innovation introduced in this report from 1995 to Nov. 2016, totally 37 research units are involved in the research of invention. In terms of the property of research unit, among the 86 independent innovation pesticides, research institutes invented the most, accounting for 45.56% of the total numbers, while colleges and companies took up 36.67% and 17.78% respectively.

Totally 54 pesticide active ingredients which are independently R&D (including the expired ones) has ever obtained registration between 2002 and 16 Nov., 2016. Among these, 33 registrations of pesticide ingredients are still valid, while the rest 21 ones have been expired before 16 Nov., 2016 but didn't get a renewal registration.

Among these 33 pesticide active ingredients in China within the period of validity, about 70% of the pesticides have been on the market, among which, the fungicides which had an excellent market performance included thiodiazole copper, zn-thiodiazole, ningnanmyci and phenamacril.; the insecticides which had an excellent market performance were meperfluthrin and SYP-9080; while all of the herbicides didn't perform well in domestic market.

From this report, you can know the basic information and market dynamics of these 86 ingredients, such as research unit, registrant, time of first registration, time to market, number of production license and industrial development enterprise, etc.

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