China Crop Protection Products and Patents

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China is one of the pesticide production bases in the world now, with over 400 technicals and over 3,000 formulations. Currently, its crop protection products are exported to over 180 foreign countries and regions, with a sound growth of export volume every year. Besides, the total value of China’s pesticide market has accounted for over 5% in the world.

What is the general situation of China’s pesticide industry? What is the market structure of the domestic market now? How are the registration and supply situation of each single crop protection product circulating in China? … CCM will give descriptions in this report.

This report includes but not limited to the following parts:

- Overview of China’s crop protection product market (supply, demand, structure, etc.)

- Government policy and legislation related to crop protection in China

- Introduction to almost all the registered crop protection products in China (registration situation, supply and demand, etc., including generic and non-generic products)

- Market character and outlook for development