Production and Market of Paraquat in China

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Paraquat, a broad-spectrum non-selective herbicide widely used to kill unwanted plants both in agricultural and nonagricultural landscapes, has been in a leading position in the world's herbicides in the past few years. It is the second largest herbicide in terms of consumption volume (calculated by 42% TK), only behind glyphosate.

China’s paraquat industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with technical output growing with a CAGR of over 20% during 2006-2010. However, the annual growth rate drops sharply in 2011. What is the reason of the slowed-down growth rate? What is the development trend in the future? China’s paraquat industry is under intense competition. Will China's production of paraquat further concentrate in the future? What kind of enterprises will hold dominant positions in China's paraquat production?

China is a major paraquat export country, and over 80% of its paraquat output is exported to counties all over the world. Where are the paraquat products exported to? What’s the trend of overseas demand? Will the export market of paraquat in China continue enlarging in the future years?

In order to ensure safe production and use of paraquat in domestic market, Chinese government has issued a notice to take restrictive management measures on paraquat, namely Notice No. 1745. What kind of effect will it have on China’s paraquat industry? How is the reaction of paraquat suppliers in China?

This report, based on CCM International’s five-year research experience in China’s paraquat industry and its upstream sectors, will provide in-depth analysis on China’s current paraquat industry and future trends, in terms of governmental policies, technology innovation, waste treatment, export situation, raw material supply, pricing, etc. With wider perspective, this edition of paraquat report will provide you with CCM International’s primary intelligence.

Penetrating into China’s paraquat market, this report not only updates all the data needed to June 2012, but also strengthens the following aspects:

• All the data related to paraquat industry in the past have been updated with high accuracy;

• The differences between different regions and crops are focused more in the survey of domestic consumption of paraquat in this edition compared with the previous edition, so the results are much closer to the truth.

What can you benefit from this report?

As China’s paraquat has been playing a crucial role in global market and its eye-catching performance under current global financial crisis will continue in the future, investment opportunities do exist in Chinese market. With CCM International’s insight into this industry, the updated report will provide much more useful information to the senior executives and decision makers who are seeking for investment opportunities within the industry.

What’s more, this report, covering the whole industrial chain of paraquat, will also provide useful information to the upstream producers, as it has analyzed raw material production and supply situation in detail, thus bringing unexpected benefits to those players.

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