Production, Market and Benchmarking of Synthetic Vitamin E in China

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Currently, China is an important vitamin E producer in the world. It is estimated that over 40% of global vitamin E is produced in China. What is the latest development in China’s vitamin E industry? Production of vitamin E has suffered from the global financial crisis in the pas three years. However, vitamin E production in China has gradually recovered since H2 2009. What’s the detailed current production situation in China?

As two key materials of synthetic vitamin E, production situation of isophytol and TMHQ are two import influencing factors of synthetic vitamin E production. What is the latest current production situation of isophytol and TMHQ in China?

Moreover, most vitamin E is exported to other countries at present, such as the US, Germany and Holand. What is the detailed import and export information in China in 2010?

Besides, in order to assess major vitamin E producers’ competitiveness in China, CCM did production benchmarking analysis of three major vitamin E producers in China. What is the detailed competitiveness information of the major vitamin E producers in China in 2011?

This report combines CCM’s expertise in vitamin E market research. Aspects as follows can be expected:

- Production situation: capacity, output and price in the past few years of isophytol, TMHQ, linalool and vitamin E in China. Relationship between Chinese producers of isophytol, TMHQ, linalool and vitamin E. Mass balance between isophytol, TMHQ and vitamin E in China.
- Import and export analysis of vitamin E in China.
- Benchmarking of major vitamin E producers in China.

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