The Paracetamol Industry in China

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Paracetamol, the active ingredient that contained in more than 100 natural herbs, was found by Morse in 1878 and was first used in clinically by Von Mering in 1893.

In China, paracetamol has been in used as an analgesic for over 30 years and has been accepted as a very effective drug to relief pain and fever for both adults and children. During the past decades, China has turned from a self-satisfied paracetamol producer to an export-oriented paracetamol supplier in the world.

In 2006, paracetamol has become the dominant variety among traditional bulk medicines in China. A complete paracetamol production chain has formed and all raw materials including benzene, p-nitrochlorobenzene and PAP can be partially or totally produced in China.

Report Scope

 Paracetamol

 paracetamol preparation


 Aspirin

 Analgin

 Ibuprofen

 Naproxen and Dichlofenac

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Report highlights

There are dozens of NSAIDs in domestic market. Nine of the most frequently used medicines are paracetamol, caffeine, aspirin, analgin, ibuprofen, naproxen, dichlofenac, indomatecin, phenacetin. Among all the NSAID medicines, paracetamol takes the most important position, accounting for around 60% of total NSAID output.

Paracetamol industry of China is faced with competition from India, though the output, export and domestic consumption have all increased in the recent years.

There are currently 16 active paracetamol manufacturers in China with total capacity of 125,800t/a.

The supply of PAP can meet the demand from paracetamol industry.

Accompanied with the production expansion in China is the sharp price decline in the international market.

In the past ten years, the apparent consumption of paracetamol has been increased at the rate of 15.58% per year.

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