Kcomber Inc is successfully selected into the Guangzhou City Internet, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Real Economy Deep Integration Application List of Excellent Case Companies

Publish time: 4th November, 2020      Source: CCM
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  In order to further promote in-depth integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy in Guangzhou, accelerating the construction of smart city, in-depth and extensive application of new technologies, models and products as well as enhancing rapid development of digital economy, Guangzhou launched a city wide assemblage of innovative application cases in the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other industries last year.  (Source: Guangzhou Information  Industry Association)

  Guangzhou Information Industry Association, together with Guangzhou Internet Association, Guangzhou big data industry association and Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Promotion Association, investigated over hundreds cases and units in total.   

  Affected by the global epidemic 2020, Guangzhou Information Association organized relevant organizations to assemble enterprises with outstanding performance in effectively fighting against epidemic and actively promoting prevention and control to support and ensure a safe environment for back- to -work. Through preliminary round of examination, investigation and association recommendation, combined with the epidemic fighting products and information released by the case from enterprises, minority exemplary case units were finally stand out. Kcomber Inc. (Kcomber) has also been successfully selected into the list of "excellent case companies for deep integration and application of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy in Guangzhou" and proudly presents self developed achievements through years of innovation and hard work.  


  The outstanding cases selected lead to a new generation of information technology which can empower the real economy. As a national high-tech information intelligence, software and information technology service enterprise, Kcomber possess new generation of information leading technology support, and is constantly committed to the field of artificial intelligence and big data. Providing the best and personalize service to governments, institutions and enterprises at all levels across the major industries.     


  This time, Kcomber is being selected as an excellent case enterprise for the deep integration and application of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy in Guangzhou, which again giving recognition to Kcomber in the field of innovative information technology and artificial intelligence. This is definitely another remarkable advancement gained by Kcomber to greater heights.   

  Kcomber will actively cooperate with Guangzhou Information Association and other relevant institution and organizations to jointly promote the innovation and development of information technology, making more contribution and effort to further achieve the integration between new generation information technology and real economy.