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  According to the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA), in 2015, altogether 8 registrations of new fungicide active ingredients (AIs), including 7 technical and 10 formulations, were approved in China, twice the figure in 2014 and almost the same as 2013. In particular, five were first registered by domestic enterprises, 62.5% of the national total, slightly up over 2013 (57%) and 2014 (50%).



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   Notably, among the 8 new registered fungicide AIs, many were independently developed by China. This will be favorable for adjusting pesticide structure, improving competitiveness in the global market, and pushing forward the sustainable development of pesticide industry.

The five fungicide AIs first registered by domestic enterprises in 2015 included:

B2-a (with independent intellectual property rights)

In April 2015, CAC Nantong Chemical Co., Ltd. (CAC Nantong) obtained two temporary registrations for B2-a, namely:

  98% B2-a TC (registration No.: LS20150091): low toxicity

  5% B2-a EC (registration No.: LS20150102): low toxicity, for cucumber powdery mildew

So far, CAC Nantong has planned to launch a 100 t/a B2-a EC project.

B2-a is an innovative disease resistance inducer developed by East China University of Science and Technology. This fungicide, without fungicidal activity itself, induces crops' resistance to fungi.

Fluoride ether bacteria amide (with independent intellectual property rights)

On 30 July, 2015, Shandong United Pesticide Industry Co., Ltd. (Shandong United Pesticide) obtained temporary registrations for:

  98% Fluoride ether bacteria amide TC (registration No.: LS20150222)

  50% Fluoride ether bacteria amide WG (registration No.: LS20150226): for downy mildew

  40% Fluoride ether bacteria amide + hexaconazole SC (registration No.: LS20150237): for rice sheath blight

Fluoride ether bacteria amide, a new member of the fluorine-enriched benzamide fungicides, was jointly invented by Shandong United Pesticide and Shandong Agricultural University in 2010 and patented for invention by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The two formulations were all launched in 2015, according to Shandong United Pesticide.

Fenjuntong (with independent intellectual property rights)

On 14 June, 2015, Jiangsu Tenglong Biological & Medicinal Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Tenglong) obtained temporary registrations for:

  90% Fenjuntong TC (registration No.: LS20150190): low toxicity

  40% Fenjuntong EW (registration No.: LS20150187): low toxicity, for rice sheath blight, expiry date on 14 June, 2016

Jiangsu Tenglong has been authorized two patents for invention on Fenjuntong and is the exclusive producer. Environmentally-friendly, this fungicide boasts outstanding efficacy against diseases on crops, like grain, fruit trees, vegetables and cotton.


On 19, May, 2015, Shaanxi Sunger Road Bio-Science Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi Sunger Road) obtained temporary registrations for:

  0.66% β-Sitosterol TK (registration No.: LS20150137): micro toxicity

  0.06% β-Sitosterol ME (registration No.: LS20150138) : micro toxicity, for rice stripe disease and rice black streak dwarf

β-Sitosterol has strong activity against crop viruses. It changes the activity of nuclease so as to encumber the synthesis of virus. Moreover, it can also induce crops' resistance to virus.
So far, Shaanxi Sunger Road has been the exclusive producer of this fungicide.



Coniothyrium minitans

On 22 Oct., 2015, Hubei Xinfeng Crop Protection Co., Ltd. obtained temporary registration for 4 billion spore/g coniothyrium minitans WP (registration No.: LS20150312). This low toxicity fungicide formulation is mainly used for rape sclertiniose.

Among the new fungicide AI registrations in 2015, oxathiapiprolin, metrafenone and penflufen were developed and registered by foreign enterprises.

Out of the three, oxathiapiprolin is DuPont's new piperidinyl fungicide (with oxazole, parazole and parazole in the molecular structure) for the diseases control and prevention on crops like potatoes, grapes and vegetables. This brand-new fungicide was developed from Merck & Co Inc.'s pharmaceutical chemical compound (Patent No.: WO2005003128).


  Through high-throughput screening on this chemical compound, DuPont found chemicals with relatively strong fungicidal activity and developed the oxathiapiprolin fungicide specific to downy mildew.

Notably, given oxathiapiprolin's sole application (on specific parts of crops such as leaves) and high risk of resistance, "We plans to launch oxathiapiprolin fungicide mixtures (like mixing with mancozeb or famoxadone) in next few years to extend its product life cycle and improve its performance," said DuPont.

On 19 Dec., 2015, DuPont obtained temporary registrations for 95% oxathiapiprolin TC (registration No.: LS20150356) and 10% oxathiapiprolin OF (registration No.: LS20150355). Out of the two, the latter one was registered for the control and prevention of tomato late blight, cucumber downy mildew, pepper phytophthora blight, potato late blight and grape downy mildew.

In March 2016, the 10% oxathiapiprolin OF was launched in China and has become hot in the market, showing Chinese farmers' eagerness towards this new product.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, registrations of new fungicide AIs in China reached 3, 7 and 4 respectively, namely:


  2012: tricyclopyricarb, picoxystrobin and initium

  2013: coniothyrium minitas, dodine, fenpropidine, fluxapyroxad, meptyldinocap, sphaerotheca amyloliquefaciens and methiadinil

  2014: bacillus firmus, bacillus marinus, sedaxane and lsopyrazam


                           Registrations of new insecticides, fungicides and herbicides (by active ingredient), 2013-2015


                                            Source: Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture



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