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Publish time: 16th August, 2016      Source: CCM
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  Are you interested in China market? Do you want to make an investment in China, or grasp substantial and updated market information in China? Lack of transparency, China's economic policies may puzzle you. We suppose that you may be confused by China's market or have no enough time and effort to get hold of the real-time and important information.




  Here is the good news. CCM's Online Platform can meet your demand for China's industry information on agriculture, chemicals, food, and biotechnology. We are professional in gathering accurate industry data, analyzing market situation, enterprises dynamic and government policies, and then interpreting them for you. We not only offer counseling, but also help solve your problem.


  In the following, some selective function of Online Platform will be introduced by listing some titles related to the specific industry, capacity, demand and supply, competitors, upstream and downstream enterprises, cost analysis, government policies, import and export and some brief introduction of reports.


  - Price monitoring and forecast

  Price update of corn products, May 2016

  Market price of VC hard to continue rising in H2 2016


  -Company developments

  Global Bio-chem: total revenue slumps in 2015

  Guilin Layn: stable rise in sales of plant extracts in 2015


  - Export & import

  Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp., June 2016

  Brazil imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese citric acid enterprises


  - Competition monitoring

  Meihua Bio terminates reorganization with CJ Group


  - Government regulation & policy

  China officially cancels purchase policy of corn for temporary storage

  China concentrates on reducing corn planting area in 2016


  - News in Brief


  China to reduce 666,666 ha of corn planting areas in sickle-shape region in 2016

  Guangji Pharmaceutical obtains GMP certificate on VB2

  China relaxes restrictions on GM crops


  - More comprehensive and detailed information


  If you desire comprehensive and detailed information on a specific product or market and above scattered information can't satisfy you, we still can serve you some reports, including the overall market, capacity, demand and supply, producers, competitors, upstream and downstream enterprises, cost analysis, government policies, import and export and the prospects.


  Provided that you not only want to grasp the information on China's corn market, but also get hold of crop farming condition in China, we still can serve you by presenting a done report named Crop Farming in China. Brief content of this report is following:


  Crop farming has enjoyed a quite good start at the beginning of 2016. In this year, the Chinese government decided to cut 666.67 ha of land used for corn cultivation as the key task of crop farming adjustment. It's predicted that the arable land of soybean would increase 400,000 ha this year and that of wheat and rice would remain stable, according to China's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).


  In 2015, the output of grain crops in China has kept increasing for 12 consecutive years, which has eased the tense demand. However, the structural contradiction in China's agriculture began to occur, especially in crop farming. The supply and demand of wheat and rice remained balanced. However, corn is in oversupply, while soybean is in over demand, with over 80 million tonnes exported in China in 2015.


  In Nov. 2015, MOA issued the Guidance on the Corn Structural Adjustment in Liandaowan Region. The Guidance pointed out that China will strive to reduce the corn planting area in Liandaowan region by more than 3.33 million ha (50 million mu) and keep it at 6.67 million ha (100 million mu) by 2020.


  There seems to be a challenging year for crop farming in China. For your better understanding and judgment about crop farming in China, CCM's report Crop Farming in China provides you the comprehensive supply and demand situation of the whole China's crop farming in the past five years (2011-2015), including seven major crops of corn, rice, wheat, soybean, cotton, potato and rapeseed. The information of import & export, price and consumption of them could also be found in this report.





  In conclusion, with its enormous data and information covering multilevel industries, our online platform is qualified to offer the latest and in-depth content for you. What's more, now you are able to enjoy a boon -- 7-day free trial! If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us directly by emailing or calling +86-20-3761 6606.


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