CCM: Guangzhou Shuangqiao's starch sugar sales plan in 2016

Publish time: 7th July, 2016      Source: CCM
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  On 12 April, 2016, Guangzhou Shuangqiao Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Shuangqiao) released its 2015 work summary and 2016 work plan. Accordingly, there were 2 highlights in 2015:

- Enlarged production scale. In July 2015, Guangzhou Shuangqiao successfully acquired 100% of shares in Hubei Meiweiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Meiweiyuan), in which the production capacity of F55 HFCS (= high fructose corn syrup) and syrup for beer respectively was given at 100,000 t/a and 50,000 t/a.


  Also in July, Shuangqiao (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (Shuangqiao Xiamen) put its 1st phase starch sugar project (500,000 t/a in total: 1st phase at 200,000 t/a and 2nd phase at 300,000 t/a) into operation, which enabled Guangzhou Shuangqiao to have a total production capacity of 750,000 t/a for starch sugar, up by 350,000 t/a YoY. This helped Guangzhou Shuangqiao to overfulfill its sales goal: 800,000 tonnes vs. 780,000 tonnes.

- Enriched product structure. In 2015, Guangzhou Shuangqiao developed new products including caramel and liquefied corn syrup. Of this, caramel was launched onto the market in Dec. 2015 and liquefied corn syrup will be produced and sold soon, as the food production licence has been obtained.




  In 2016, Guangzhou Shuangqiao plans to achieve the sales of 1 million tonnes of starch sugar. Based on the production scale expansion, the company will enhance the market promotion and increase the sales.

First, the operation of its new plants is on the right track. The plants, one in Hubei Province (Central Region of China) and the other in Xiamen City (Southeast China), will facilitate the sales expansion from South China to Central Region and eastern China.

Second, the production scale will be enlarged continuously. In 2014, Guangzhou Shuangqiao set up Shuangqiao (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., and launched a 500,000 t/a starch sugar project there, of which the 1st phase (200,000 t/a) is to be put into trial operation this year.

However, "We are facing a risk that the sales volume will increase whilst the profit will decrease,' stated Guangzhou Shuangqiao. CCM believes that this is mainly impacted by the decreases in starch sugar prices.


  According to CCM's price monitoring, the average quoted price of F55 HFCS by Guangzhou Shuangqiao was USD426/t (RMB2,750/t) in Q1 2016, down by 16% YoY. "We will optimise the enterprise management and carry out production technology reform to achieve cost reduction and economic effect growth,' is a claim by Guangzhou Shuangqiao.


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