A Powerful Weapon for Industry Insiders---CCM’s Online Platform

Publish time: 29th June, 2016      Source: CCM
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  Do you want to stay in tune with the latest key industrial trends, or to outperform the competitors, or to make good investments in agriculture, food & feed, chemicals and biotechnology industry? Amazingly, you can realize all of them with the help of CCM.


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  Why CCM can be trusted?


  CCM is a leading market intelligence provider for China's agriculture, chemicals, food, and biotechnology markets. Founded in 2001, CCM offers a range of data and content solutions, from price and trade data to industry newsletters and customized market research reports. Our clients include Monsanto, DuPont, Shell, Bayer, Syngenta, Coca-cola, and AJINOMOTO.


  Many foreigners are puzzled by the complicated situation and policies of China due to its lack of transparency in its political and economic structures. Luckily, we are professional in gathering accurate industry data in China and turn them into useful information for you. We not only offer counseling, but also help solve your problem.


  We help you know China, tell you what is really going on in China. We help you succeed in China and make China into a TRANSPARENT place for you to do business.


  A Powerful Weapon-- Online Platform


  CCM's Online Platform focuses on China's agriculture, food, chemical and biotechnology industries. With more than 15 years of information accumulation, CCM is now introducing a powerful online platform, which offers full access to CCM's entire databases at once, both from the past and present. Not only it provides clients with the information within their own focused areas, it also lets them explore information from various industrial sectors. (Now you can enjoy the free trial in the Online Platform for 7 days)


  The following picture shows the research coverage of CCM.

  Research coverage of CCM


  Compared with other companies' database, most of which are disordered, incomplete and outdated, our Online Platform is able to provide clients with in-depth, real-time, comprehensive, and segment-industry focused information.


  Our Industrial Database allows you to access to more than 180,000 information pieces across 15 segment industries in different forms like newsletters and reports.


  It covers a large number of information from many specific industries, including launching a new product, developing a market strategy, identifying potential clients, evaluating a market, your Chinese competitors, new policies, changes in consumer behavior and new technologies as well as finding distributor, material supplies, forecasting downstream demand, price and market size and so on.


  The following table briefly lists some regular products on our Online Platform:







            Food and Biotechnology           


            Herbicides China News           


            China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report           


            Amino Acids China E-News           


            Fungicide China News           


            Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report           


            Corn Products China News           


            Insecticide China News           


            Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report           


            Dairy Products China News           


            Glyphosate China Monthly Report           


            China Li-ion Battery E-News           


            Sweeteners China News           






            Vitamin China E-News           



  In addition, the Online Platform includes more than 800 pieces of reports covering the whole industry and specific products. Usually it contains the detailed information of the subject from various perspectives, including the past development of such industry or certain product, the capacity, production, technology, cost analysis, import and export of every main enterprises in China, and the interpretation and analysis of government policies as well as the prediction of the industry and products.


  The following pyramid shows the structure of CCM's products:

  Structure of CCM's products



  In conclusion, with its enormous data and news covering multilevel industries, our online platform is qualified to offer the latest and in-depth information for you. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us directly by emailing emarket23@cnchemicals.com or calling +86-20-3761 6606.


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