CCM: China's market price of VB2 hits record high in May 2016

Publish time: 22nd June, 2016      Source: CCM
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     China's market price of vitamin B2 (VB2, =riboflavin) has kept rising. According to CCM's price monitoring, in May 2016, the figure of 80% feed grade VB2 reached USD43,351/t (RMB285,635/t), up 124% YoY, hitting the highest record since 2008.   



                                                                                           Source: Bing


  This was mainly because domestic producers raised their quotations. In April, Shanghai Hegno Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. (Hegno) was said to raise its quotation for VB2 to USD42.5/kg (RMB280/kg) for May's orders. Shandong NB Group Co., Ltd.'s spot price also reaches USD42.5/kg (RMB280/kg) at present. Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Guangji Pharmaceutical), the largest Chinese VB2 producer, has suspended offering quotations since April.


  So far, the VB2 production has been concentrated. The three producers above are the leading ones, 80% of the domestic sales. Early in 2007, domestic VB2 market price suffered from falls after skyrocketing.


  From 2008 to 2014, the overall market was in a downturn, putting the producers under great business pressure but improving the production concentration of this industry. Ever since 2015, leading producers seem to have a tacit understanding and have continued raising their sales prices. Thus, the overall market price has kept going up, despite the fluctuations.


                                    Monthly market price of 80% feed grade vitamin B2 in China, Jan. 2015-May 2016



                                                                                              Source: CCM



   Leading vitamin B2 producers in China, as of June 2016




            Production   capacity, t/a         




          Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.         




          Guangji Pharmaceutical & its subsidiary Guangji Pharmaceutical (Mengzhou) Co., Ltd. both produce VB2         


          Shanghai Hegno Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.         






          Shandong NB Group Co., Ltd.         




          The company reduced its capacity by 50% from 1,200 t/a to 600 t/a from 21 Dec., 2015 onwards         


  Source: CCM




  Domestic producers are likely to largely improve their overall performances, given the soaring VB2 market price and falling raw material price at present.


  As VB2 is produced by fermentation, raw material and energy take up large parts in production costs, especially corn starch (raw material for VB2). The production of one tonne of VB2 needs 18-20 tonnes of corn starch. Since H2 2015, China's market price of corn kept sliding, affected by the increasing output and huge inventory in recent years. This has pulled down the market price of corn starch which showed record lows from Jan. to May 2016.


  Thanks to this, producers have lowered the production costs and thus largely improved gross profit. For instance, Guangji Pharmaceutical announced a large YoY rise of 56.25% in its Q1 2016 revenue and its net profit reached USD3.50 million (RMB23.06 million), vs. loss in Q1 2015.


                                  Monthly market prices of corn & corn starch (northern) in China, Jan. 2014-May 2016



                                                           Note: Corn starch price: the figures in northern China

                                                                                        Source: CCM



  China's exports of VB2 (HS code: 29362300) also showed an upward trend. According to China Customs, from Jan. to April 2016,

  •     Volume: 805.62 tonnes, up 20.89% YoY   
  •     Value: USD25.33 million, up 26.43% YoY   
  •     Price: USD31.4/kg on average, up 4.6% YoY   

The soaring domestic market price of VB2 slightly boosted the export price. China mainly exports 80% VB2, 70% of the national export volume. Hegno and Guangji Pharmaceutical are the top two exporters, 90% of national figure.


                                                        China's exports of vitamin B2, Jan. 2015-April 2016



                                                                                 Source: China Customs


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