Vice Minister Li Jiayang emphasizes on seed industry innovation

Publish time: 2nd December, 2015      Source: MOA
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Vice Minister Li Jiayang emphasizes on seed industry innovation

DATE:2015-12-02           SOURCE:MOA

The 2nd International Agriculture Genome Conference was held in Shenzhen from November 16 to 18, 2015. The conference was aimed at promoting the integration of agricultural genomics and biologic breeding. Vice Minister and President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) Li Jiayang attended and chaired the conference.


Vice Minister Li pointed out that as a new-rising branch of bioscience, genomics plays a guiding role in basic agricultural biology research and brings new opportunities for biologic seed industry development. He emphasized that this conference will boost effective application of the latest genomic achievements in agricultural breeding, facilitate seed industry innovation, improve the competitiveness of domestic seed industry and cultivate more new agricultural varieties with high and stable yields, high quality and stress resistance to enhance national food security.


Delegates to the conference included 39 well-known scientists of domestic and overseas research institutes like CAAS, American Academy of Sciences, German National Academy of Sciences and Swiss Academy of Sciences. Their speeches and discussions covered the latest research progress and findings in agricultural genomics, auxanology and physiology on rice, corn and wheat, indicating the future of genomic application in crop breeding.


The conference was organized by Shenzhen Agricultural Genomics Institute and the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers of CAAS. Totally about 500 specialists and entrepreneurs from 10 countries and regions attended the conference, including those from China, America, Britain, Germany and Japan.