Vice Minister Yu Xinrong meets Chief of Cuban Agriculture and Food Department

Publish time: 18th September, 2015      Source: MOA
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Vice Minister Yu Xinrong meets Chief of Cuban Agriculture and Food Department

DATE:2015-09-18           SOURCE:MOA

Vice Minister Yu Xinrong met with Santiago Perez, Chief of Cuban Agriculture and Food Department and Member of the Central Committee of Cuban Communist Party, and his delegation in Beijing on Sept.16, 2015. The two sides exchanged views on agricultural and rural reform and development, as well as China-Cuba agricultural cooperation.


Yu pointed out that China and Cuba are both socialist countries. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 55 years ago, the two countries have developed a brotherly friendship and provided mutual understanding and support to each other. Yu introduced China's successful practices and experience in land system reform, new agricultural operation system, rural financial policies and foreign investment incentives. Yu noted that China and Cuba are in a crucial period of socialist development. Intensified exchanges and cooperation are of great importance to both countries. China and Cuba are highly complementary in agriculture, and the Chinese side is prepared to constantly deepen bilateral agricultural cooperation with Cuba on the basis of mutual benefits, and enhance common agricultural development in both countries.


Santiago Perez briefed on the progress in agricultural reform since the 6th Congress of Cuban Communist Party and spoke highly of China's achievements in agricultural and rural development since adopting the reform and opening up policy. He noted that Cuba is at a crucial stage of updating the economic mode, and expressed the willingness to enhance cooperation with China in agricultural technology, equipment and investment so as to facilitate the socioeconomic development of both countries.