Paraquat AS production halted started from JUL 2014

Publish time: 10th July, 2014      Source: China Crop Protection Industry Association
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According to the Announcement No. 1745 issued jointly by MOA, MIIT and AQSIQ, from Jul 1 2014, paraquat AS registration and production permit should be repealed, and production (except on the only purpose of export) should be shut down. From Jul 1 2016, paraquat AS should be stopped using and selling in China.
Seen from the paraquat market, in Mar, VWAP of paraquat TK(100% basis) reached $15650 per tonne in China, increased by 20.05% than that of the beginning of 2014. However the price began to fell afterwards, till the end of May, VWAP of paraquat TK (100% basis) declined to $14100 per tonne.

Seen from export situation, average price of paraquat TK began to fell since Feb, till May, the average price declined to $4600 per tonne. Meanwhile export bills and volume both kept smooth.

According to registration information from ICAMA, new formulations of paraquat have already been developed and registered. Meanwhile, MIIT is working on the specifications for non-AS paraquat formulation production conditions. Where to for paraquat market in China? Let's wait and see.