Valent BioSciences acquires microorganism-based crop enhancement products businessMycorrhizal Applications LLC

Publish time: 4th March, 2015      Source: Libertyville, Illinois, USA
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Valent BioSciences acquires microorganism-based crop enhancement products businessMycorrhizal Applications LLCValent BioSciences acquires microorganism-based crop enhancement products businessMycorrhizal Applications LLC" title="Share this link on Facebook">Libertyville, Illinois, USAMarch 4, 2015Valent BioSciences Corp. (VBC), a U.S. subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.,has acquired Mycorrhizal Applications LLC, a U.S. producer of mycorrhizal fungalinoculum.VBC is wholly owned by Valent U.S.A. Corp., a fully owned U.S. subsidiary ofSumitomo Chemical.Mycorrhizal fungi are effective microorganisms in soil that colonize plant roots andenable plants to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. Mycorrhizal fungi deliverfarming with less irrigation and fertilization, which leads to crop production at lowercost and with less phosphorus leaching to environment (especially to aqueousenvironment).Mycorrhizal Applications handles mycorrhizal fungal inoculum products for soilimprovement and plant growth enhancement and offers these products for commercialagriculture, manufactured soils, turf, landscape and restoration. The markets formycorrhizal fungal inoculum products are expected to continue growing in the yearsahead, as they enhance plant productivity especially under abiotic stress condition andhelp secure a stable supply of farm products.Sumitomo Chemical has been supplying customers with a wide variety of products,technologies and services that it developed, for use in every step of crop productionfrom seeding to postharvest treatment, including seeds, chemical and biologicalpesticides, fertilizers, and various farming equipment. The entry into the mycorrhizalfungi business will further broaden the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s product portfolioand provide greater value to customers.Sumitomo Chemical aims to expand sales in this business by leveraging the extensivemarketing and distribution networks that the Group companies have built over the years.At the same time, the Company seeks to create synergies from the acquisition as earlyas possible through the companies’ joint efforts for improvement and new developmentof products, thereby contributing ultimately to a stable supply of safe foods for which aworld demand will continue to grow.More news from:. Mycorrhizal Applications, LLC . Valent Biosciences Corporation. Sumitomo Chemical Co.Website: March 4, 2015The news item on this page is copyright by the organization where it originatedFair use notice