Noposion Plans to Invest 730 Million Yuan to Build O2O Platform for Pesticide Projects

Publish time: 1st September, 2014      Source: China Crop Protection Industry Association
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According to the announcement released on the night of Aug 18th, Noposion intends to issue no more than 110 million shares with each worth of a bottom price of 6.92 yuan, raising about 733.1 million yuan. This fund is intended for the building of a large O2O platform for agricultural projects, including assessment and development of new pesticide active ingredients, registration of new products, and supplement to the working capital, in the aim of promoting the informatization of the agricultural industry.
It is said that the total investment in the O2O platform for agricultural projects reached 291.3 million yuan. The finished project will include 100 regional plant protection technology service platforms based on the O2O business mode. It is expected that the project will be completed within three years. Fund raising will be finished within the first year. The revenue of the company will rise significantly after the completion of the project, with sales rising by 957.60 million yuan and the net profit growing by 98.25 million yuan.
A total of 241.8 million yuan will be invested in the assessment and development of new pesticide active ingredients, as well as the following declaration and registration of the "three licenses.' It is expected that in the coming three years, Noposion will register around 110 new pesticide compounds. Furthermore, given Noposion's current capital operation situation, production of new products in the future as well as business expansion need, the company plans to invest 200 million yuan in supplying working capital.
Noposion explained that, taking the technical personnel system as a link, the O2O platform for agricultural projects will bring interactive online and offline activities and effectively integrate the companys marketing resources through the construction of regional technology service platforms for plant protection and remote service network for crop growing in communities.
Specifically speaking, the O2O platform will include a professional collaboration network for crop growing, a whole-course crop protection APP and a big data analysis and processing platform. Interaction with farmers in real time can be achieved through the network and mobile terminals. The platform will provide first-hand information on crop diseases and pests, planting problems, consumer demand, etc., so that the informatization of the agricultural industry can be effectively realized.