US February milk production up 1.1% on-year

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March 21, 2014


US February milk production up 1.1% on-year


In February, US milk production totalled 15.9 billion pounds up 1.1% from the same month of 2013. Cow numbers actually declined 12,000 to 9.21 million head but production per cow increased 21 pounds to average 1,730.



In the 23 major dairy states, milk production increased 1.4% to 14.9 billion pounds in February. The dairy herd in those states increased 13,000 head to 8.5 million cows while production per cow increased 19 pounds to average 1,753.



The National Agriculture Statistics Service has added South Dakota and removed Missouri from the 23 major dairy states list. Historic estimates for 2013 and January of 2014 have been revised to reflect the change.



California milk production totalled 3.4 billion pounds in February up 5.3% compared to a year ago. The Golden State added a thousand cows to make the herd 1.781 million head and production per cow jumped 95 pounds to 1,910.



Milkproduction in Wisconsin declined 2% in February to 2.12 billion pounds. The Badger State dairy herd held steady at 1.27 million head but production per cow fell 35 pounds to average 1,670.