Brazil aims to boost meat and milk production by 40%

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March 31, 2014


Brazil aims to boost meat and milk production by 40%


As part of Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply's (MAPA) 'More Livestock Plan', a bullish government proposal has set sights on increasing the country's meat and milk production by 40% in 10 years.



The figure appears in a report from El Observador which said National MilkInstitute (INALE) data indicated the dairy sector was on a strong growth trajectory, which described the productivity lift seen on Brazil's livestock operations over the last decade, up almost a quarter higher.



Using short to long term goals, the programme looks to strengthen livestock production through better genetics, more exports, precision farming and rigorous food safety checks.



One dairy objective is to cement Brazil as a key global trader. For this to be possible a 40 litre per capita production lift is needed from 170 litres/year to 210 litres/year. Per cow, this means an increase of 2,000 kilogrammes.



The government has pledged to invest in marketing and ways to add value to dairy produce while tackling issues of dairy allergies.