India's Uttarakhand to set up milk development council

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August 29, 2014


India's Uttarakhand to set up milk development council


India's Uttarakhand will see the establishment of a milk development council in the state, with a purpose to promote local milk production by developing better coordination among milk unions and linking the trade with self-employment.



The announcement was made by Chief Minister Harish Rawat during a meeting with representatives from various milk federations. Guests at the event includes milk production minister, Harish Chandra Durgapal, Nainital's milk union chief, Sanjay Kimaula, Chief Secretary Subhash Kumar and Additional Chief Secretary Rakesh Sharma.



Noting that Uttarakhand has tremendous potential in milkproduction, Rawat calls for officials to launch a massive drive across the state to expand the industry. In addition, members of milk committees can be given an 'encouragement' allowance to achieve this goal, he said.



In the meantime, the government will provide aid to milk unions so that they are able to adopt modern technologies for production. According to Rawat, women milk unions will also be strengthened.