Business group from Brazil to build feed plant in Mozambique

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October 6, 2008


Business group from Brazil to build feed plant in Mozambique


A business group in Brazil is visiting Mozambique in South Africa to invest in building an animal feed factory with a view to supplying families producing their own chickens.



Jorge Dirceu, a representative of the business group, said that the initiative would be implemented by communities to be selected in Mozambique in partnership with Globoaves, a Brazilian company that distributes, breed and distributes fertile eggs and chicks.



Dirceu said that, initially, chicken production would be on a family level, in a more structured way, reducing production costs and that as results were achieved the business could be expanded.



Globaves is already working with the government, via the Ministries for Planning and Development, and Agriculture, as well as with the first lady's office for execution of a family poultry breeding project and setting up the feed factory in the country.



According to Dirceu, the Brazilian is also also interested in investing in areas such as infrastructure development, trade, agriculture and mining.