Vice Minister Niu Dun meets Yucatán Governor of Mexico

Publish time: 16th October, 2014      Source: Information Office, MOA
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Vice Minister Niu Dun meets Yucatán Governor of Mexico

DATE:2014-10-16           SOURCE:Information Office, MOA

Vice Minister Niu Dun met with Mr. Rolando Zapata, Governor of the Free and Sovereign State of Yucatán of the United Mexican States, in Beijing on Oct. 14, 2014. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening agricultural cooperation between China and Yucatán.


At the meeting, Vice Minister Niu pointed out that with the joint efforts,China-Mexico agricultural cooperation is advancing steadily with increasing high-level visits and intensifying technology cooperation. The successful convening of the 6th Agricultural Working Group Meeting of China-Mexico Inter-governmental Standing Committee held in Mexico City in Sept. 2014 injected impetus to an all-round bilateral agricultural cooperation.


Niu noted that Yucatán is endowed with abundant natural resources, and there is great potential for bilateral agricultural cooperation. China is willing to work with Mexico to promote cooperation in two-way investment and trade, agricultural S&T exchange, and fisheries so as to broaden and enrich agricultural cooperation between China and Mexico.


Zapata indicated that Yucatán is of long-term paternership with China. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Yucatán during his state visit to Mexico in 2013. The Yucatán side highly values the agricultural cooperation with China, hoping to further expand cooperation in agricultural S&T, agricultural trade and fisheries. 


Zapata agreed with Niu on his comments on bilateral agricultural cooperation and the proposal for future work, saying that Yucatán is ready to work with China for further advancement in bilateral agricultural cooperation.