North Dakota State Universityreleases corn inbreds

Publish time: 1st December, 2014      Source: Fargo, North Dakota, USA
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North Dakota State Universityreleases corn inbredsNorth Dakota State Universityreleases corn inbreds" title="Share this link on Facebook">Fargo, North Dakota, USADecember 1, 2014Ten inbred corn lines were released by the North Dakota State University corn breeding program during 2014.Marcelo Carena is the NDSU corn breeding program leader. The 10 male and female corn inbred lines will be used for hybrid seed production and by breeding programs that are developing short-season hybrids.The released lines were screened in controlled-stress nurseries and tested in hybrid combinations across more than 50 environments in cooperation with industry corn programs. Experiments included top hybrid checks recommended by the industry in target environments, including western and northern North Dakota.These 10 new lines add to the 64 NDSU elite and diverse corn products developed by the NDSU corn breeding program and released in the past five years.Many of the original lines came from germplasm programs in the southern U.S., Mexico, Cuba, St. Croix, Brazil, Chile and Argentina and were adapted successfully to the short northern U.S growing season. They have provided a combination of traits not available in industry hybrids.The corn breeding program at NDSU is the most northern corn breeding program in North America, according Carena.The 2014 product development effort is supported by the Minnesota and North Dakota Corn Growers Associations, as well as a large network of public and private cooperators assisting the NDSU corn breeding program.More news from: North Dakota State UniversityWebsite: December 1, 2014The news item on this page is copyright by the organization where it originatedFair use notice