Price of Paraquat declined by $800

Publish time: 4th June, 2014      Source: China Crop Protection Industry Association
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According to CCPIA monthly bulletin of statistics of China Agrochemicals, there were nine paraquat manufacturers operating in Apr, one more than that of Mar, which led to an increase of 14.2% on output month-on-month. However impacted by glyposate markets temperary depression, sales volume and volume weighted average price of paraquat both declined in Apr, 4.0% and 5.0% respectively month-on-month. Meanwhile, the main raw material, pyridine, had an adequate supply with high operation rate in Apr.

During the past few months, paraquats price has been increasing significantly, there is less than a months length till the ban of production, since the ban allows paraquat production only for export, and paraquat export volume accounts for almost 70 percents of total production in China, its estimated that the ban will not affect much on the major manufacturers.