The Impact of Electricity Rationing on Phosphorus Chemicals and Market Outlook in China 11-06-2021

Affected by factors such as tight electricity supply and dual control policies on energy consumption & energy intensity, many provinces in China have adopted electricity rationing measures to suspend or restrict industrial production since September this year. According to incomplete statistics, at least 15 provinces have rolled out electricity rationing measures, and most of the rationing measures take aim at energy-intensive industries. Some provinces have encountered great interruptions to normal production and operation in enterprises there. As a result, output of some products has drastically reduced, leading to soaring prices.

Meanwhile, prices of coal, natural gas and other energy sources, as well as bulk chemicals such as methanol, caustic soda, acetic acid, and potassium chloride have hit record highs over and over again in China. Even though the government issued a notice on ensuring supply and stabilizing price, their prices have still stayed high. 

In this context, this report is compiled, delving into the impacts on electricity rationing in China. Covering aspects are:

-  Reasons for the electricity rationing

-  The impacts on the phosphorus chemicals

-  Market outlook

                                    Main contents:

No. Content

Executive summary

1 Background
2 The impact on the phosphorus chemicals
2.1 Yellow phosphorus
2.1.1 Production situation
2.1.2 Price analysis
2.2 Phosphoric acid
2.2.1 Production situation
2.2.2 Price analysis
2.3 Phosphate fertilizers
2.3.1 Production situation
2.3.2 Price analysis
2.4 Refined phosphates
2.4.1 Production situation
2.4.2 Price analysis
3 Market outlook

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