CCM: China's 2015 export volume of thiamethoxam: up both in technical and formulations 08-24-2016

- Thiamethoxam technical

In 2015, market price of thiamethoxam technical kept declining in both domestic and foreign markets influenced by the severe overcapacity of the industry and the depression of the whole pesticide industry.

According to data from China Customs, China's average export price of thiamethoxam technical (mainly 98% thiamethoxam technical) fell significantly by 18.83% YoY to USD13.32/kg. The falling price has boosted the export volume slightly as it has attracted more purchasers. Specifically, China exported 292.28 tonnes of thiamethoxam technical in 2015, increasing by 2.92% YoY.

In regard to export destinations, China's thiamethoxam technical was exported to 23 countries or countries or regions in 2015, 12 more than in 2014. In particular, Paraguay ranked first by both volume and value. To be more specific, China exported a total of 144.70 tonnes of thiamethoxam technical to Paraguay, 49.50% of the national total. After Paraguay, Uruguay, Vietnam, Ukraine and Turkey ranked from second to fifth.

As for manufacturers, Jiangsu Subin Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Hebei Brilliant Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Lvye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. exported 120.78, 34.50 and 34.47 tonnes of thiamethoxam technical respectively, ranking top three among all manufacturers in the country. Their export volume totaled at 189.75 tonnes, 64.92% of the national figure.

                                                          China's exports of thiamethoxam technical, 2015

                                                                               Source: CCM & China Customs

Top five export destinations of thiamethoxam technical in China, 2015


Quantity, tonne

Price, USD/kg
















Source: CCM & China Customs

- Thiamethoxam formulations

In 2015, China's average export price of thiamethoxam formulations hit USD10.80/kg with a YoY decrease of 12.12% and the export volume achieved 1,565.84 tonnes, soaring by 103.82% YoY. Thiamethoxam formulations that China exported in 2015 mainly included 25% thiamethoxam WDG (1,054.64 tonnes), 30% thiamethoxam SC (451.70 tonnes) and 70% thiamethoxam WS (59.50 tonnes).

As for export destinations, China exported thiamethoxam formulations to more than 50 countries or regions in 2015. In particular, Paraguay ranked first by both volume and value. To be more specific, China exported 454.35 tonnes of thiamethoxam formulations to Paraguay, 29.02% of the national total and the export value reached USD5.99 million, 35.42% of the national total. In addition to Paraguay, China also exported more than 200 tonnes of thiamethoxam formulations to Chile and Ukraine.

In terms of manufacturers, the top three ones by export volume were Jiangsu Subin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (387.91 tonnes), Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (226.95 tonnes) and Jiangsu Lvye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. (184.42 tonnes). Their export volume (799.28 tonnes) accounted for 51.04% of the national total in 2015. 

                                                      China's exports of thiamethoxam formulations, 2015

                                                                     Source: CCM & China Customs


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