This will be a description of the different kind of events that we run at CCM and what you can gain from each of them.

  • The Development Status and Trend of Fluorine Industry in China

    1. Overview of fluorine market development 2. Fluorite market situation and trend ( supply,demand, price ) 3. Refrigerants market situation and trend ( supply, demand, policy ) 4. Current situation and trend of electronic grade HF and ALF3 5. Current situation and trend of PTFE and HFP

  • Expert Insights on China Phosphorus Chemical Industry

    Analysis of the current situation of the development of phosphorus chemical enterprises in China under the normalization of the COVID-19 1)PEST environment; 2)Market Dynamics & Company Dynamics; 3)Analysis of the financial statements of major production enterprises; 4)Analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 on the export((yellow phosphorus, STPP, AMP, DMP); 5)Yellow phosphorus price forecast and market forecast.

  • Vitamin China Market Under current Health Industry Development

    Agenda: - Global Health Trends Under COVID-19 - Rising Popularity of Three Vitamins - NMN Concept Raises the Profile of Vitamin B3 - Market Price and Export Analysis of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B3 - Huge Market Potential of Vitamins under the Health Industry Development Time: 5 PM December 14(GMT+8)Beijing Time

  • Pesticide Price Analysis in China

    Agenda: Supply and demand of China's pesticide industry in Q1-Q3 2020 Price trend and outlook of main pesticide products Market situation as of Oct. 2020 (supply,demand and price) Time:17:00(Beijing time)27th November. 2020

  • Expert Insights on China Titanium Dioxide Industry

    1. New TiO2 projects under COVID-19 2. COVID-19 impacts on downstream industries 3. Production outputs of leading TiO2 enterprisers over last few months 4. Developments of TiO2 export – Any changes in volume or shifts in export regions/countries for Chinese producers? 5. Ilmenite market – High imported price and Fluctuated domestic price 6. Outlook in the short run and for the coming year – Price and Demand Tuesday September 29th,2020 AT 17:00-17:30 (GMT+8, Beijing time)

  • Market research and analysis of popular pesticides in China

    Agenda Supply and demand in 2019 Major exporters and manufacturers Latest capacity, output and dynamics of key manufacturers Pesticide trade policies in different countries Interpretation of Chinese policy to spur pesticide exportation amid COVID-19 strike Insight: price trend in H1 2020 and market forecast

  • Expert Insights on China Fluorine Industry

    Expert Insights on China Fluorine Industry Recent important industry dynamics Market situation in the H1 of 2020 fluorite (by specs), HF Export analysis of major products fluorite, HF, AlF3, R22, PTFE Future trend of fluorine industry

  • COVID-19's Impact on China Feed Industry and China Feed industry New Policy Interpretation

    Agenda: - China Feed Market Overview - The Dilemma of Feed Industry and the government's measures - Import Analysis of Main Feed Ingredients Jan. -May 2020 - Price and Trends of Main Feed Ingredients Jan.-May 2020 - Price and Trends of Main Feed Additives Jan.-May 2020 - Changes of Feed Industry Under The Epidemic Agenda: - Policy Interpretation on Prohibition of Feed-Used Antibiotics - New Regulation Interpretation on Feed Self-Compounding - Changes of Feed Industry Under The New Policy

  • Impact of Sino-US Trade War on China Pesticide Industry

    Overview of Sino-trade war in 2018 and 2019 What Chinese pesticide products were affected on the export by the trade war? What influences on crops and demand of pesticides? Challenges and measures to overcome from the Sino-US trade war Development of Sino-trade war in 2020 and possible trend

  • Phosphorus Chemical Industry in China

    Overview of phosphorus chemical industry China’s phosphate rock main features Yellow phosphorus market dynamics in China 2020 Overall situation of China’s phosphate fertilizers industry ( MAP and DAP) STPP annual production situation in China ( 2015-2019)