Focusing on China’s Titanium Dioxide Opportunity

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    Beijing Time: (GMT +8) 22:00
    London Time: (GMT +0) 14:00
    EST 10:00

    Date:  14th May, 2013 

    Duration: 45 minutes
    Organizer: CCM

    With the fast development of China's TiO2 industry, China has become a net exporter of TiO2, which means that China is now one of the most important suppliers in the world’s TiO2 market. As China's TiO2 supply weighs heavily in the world market, it is worth keeping an eye on China's TiO2 industry.

    Having been specialized in market research in China for many years, CCM, a Chinese consulting company, has released series of market reports, newsletters and trade intelligences in relation to the TiO2 industry. Meanwhile, CCM has recently published the report China Titanium Dioxide Opportunity, which offers an in-depth analysis of China's current TiO2 market and forecasts the industry’s future trends.

    In order to let people know more about the TiO2 industry in China, CCM will hold a webinar on 14th May, regarding the opportunities in China’s titanium dioxide industry, which will further offer insights on the TiO2 industry in China, aiming to discover the most updated development situation of China’s TiO2 industry, and forecast the future opportunities in the whole industry after deep analyzing.

    In the webinar you will acquire:
    Method and definition
    Introduction to the report research methods and analysis models
    Industry mapping and stakeholder’s focus & the two-dimensional model
    2. Opportunities in China
    The ideas and methods for finding opportunities
    The industry competitive analysis, opportunity analysis and demonstration
    3. Resources & strategies
    Overseas titanium dioxide resource marketing strategy
    Sales channel strategy, advantages and disadvantages
    4. The model
    Domestic consumption prediction & price model
    Potential clients


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