Data Analysis & Investing In Emerging Markets

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    Data Analysis & Investing In Emerging Markets Webinar


    Topic: Data Analysis & Investing In Emerging Markets
    Time: 9:00am (GMT-6, Chicago Time), August 23, 2012
    Speaker: Zelene Jiang, Business Development Manager of CCM International
    Requirements: Internet access, audio facilities


    It is well-known that the number of suppliers to provide data and information about China has kept growing quickly, as the world’s interest to know more about China thathas become increasingly strong, since China decided to open to the world thirty years ago, and its spectacular growth and finally to an indispensible player in the world stage.


    Among the huge number of data suppliers, it is increasingly difficult to find out what we need. Who are providing data about China? What information they are providing? Is the information they provide reliable? How to make good use of their data?


    With China’s fast growth, opportunities have been abundant in China, but it doesn’t that everyone is invested in China. So, what are the real opportunities for investors? How to capture theseopportunities? All answers will be discovered in this webinar.


    Webinar Outline

    Section 1 Data and Major Data Suppliers in China
    1. Main data suppliers in China
    - Who are they and what can they supply ?
    - What is the comparison among the suppliers?
    - How about the quality of different data respectively?
    - How to identify these data?

    2. The third party research institutions in China
    - Who are they and what about the research quality ?
    - What are the main categories of consultancy companies by industry?
    - What is the situation of data quoting in China?

    3. Data publication of listed companies in China
    What data are released?
    - How about the data suppliers for listed companies?
    - How to look out these data?


    Section 2 Investment Opportunity
    1. Investment opportunity in China
    - How about the current investment situation in China?
    - How about the situation of PE/VC and its risk in China, and how to avoid?
    - How to distinguish investment opportunities?

    2. Investment opportunity in four major fields
    - What are the data features for four major fields?
    - Where are the opportunities?
    - How to catch them?
    - What are the suggestions by CCM International? 

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