China Stevia Market Review and Forecast

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    A free stevia sweetener webinar was held successfully by CCM International, a leading market research consulting company in China, at 16:30  (GMT+8, Beijing Time) on April 26, 2012. The webinar has achieved great success. 30 people registered this webinar and about 20 delegates from famous food & beverage giants, such as Tate & Lyle, Cargill, Danone, DSM, Roquette, Tampico etc. attended the event. Most of the attendees felt satisfied about the webinar and some showed great interested about the sweetener information.


    Anson Chan, Speaker of this webinar, introduced the market and dynamic of China’s sweetener market, focusing on the stevia sweetener market. By analyzing the drivers and barriers, he also indicated the future development of the stevia sweetener industry in China. “As for the stevia sweetener, It is estimated develop slowly in 2012 due to unfavorable demand. On one side, the demand from oversea market may continue to be weak. On the other side, domestic demand for stevia sweeteners may develop smoothly.” Stevia sweetener is believed to have a prospect future in China.


    CCM International has been systematically studying on sweeteners market in China and the world. We have very rich experience of the development of sweeteners industry. With five years' time, we have developed complete series of sweetener product, which mainly contains reports, newsletters and database of sweetener. Actually, all the market information shared during the webinar is from CCM International’s report of the fifth edition report of Production and market of Stevia Sweetener in China.


    The company is now launching an Extra Discount Program of sweetener from May 1 ~ June 1, 2012. In the sweetener promotion season, each sweetener product purchase of above USD 2000 can get USD 1000 coupon. If you need further information, please contact us.

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    China Stevia Market Review and Forecast

    Time: 16:30  (GMT+8, Beijing Time)
    Date: Thursday, Apr. 26, 2012
    Speaker: Anson Chan
    Estimated Length: 30 minutes
    Requirements: Internet access, audio facilities


    In the year 2011, Chinese sweetener industry faced very great opportunities , such as price increase , downstream demand growth and increasing health awareness, but also challenges, such as cost increase of raw materials, government's restriction and public's raising fear of food additives' abuse. So in order to make correct business decision,we need to summarize the market and grasp the oppotunities.           


    On the other hand,as the hot item in industry,stevia are facing uncertain future in 2012. With a full investigation on major Chinese producers,we have found out some differences in market compared with the last year.How on earth will stevia sweetener develop in 2012?


    With these questions,CCM is going to hold a webinar to have a review of Stevia Sweetener and forecast the trend in 2012 on Apr. 26, 2012!



    -Dynamics of China Sweetener market
    -Market review of the whole sweetener market
    -Market review of stevia sweetener market
    -Conclusion and forecast of stevia market
    -CCM international's recommendation for stevia sweetener business

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