This will be a description of the different kind of events that we run at CCM and what you can gain from each of them.

  • Chinese Imidacloprid industry: where is it going?

    To exchange useful market information with insiders and serve this industry much better, CCM International is going to take this webinar as an opportunity to bring people in this line a neutral view on the current development and problems analysis, the forecast on its technology innovation, changes in demand & consumption and also the formulation development.

  • China's Sugar Alcohols Industry to Witness Stable Growth

    This webinar aims at sharing the market information of sugar alcohols and the speaker's view along with a team of CCM International’s professional market researchers on the general market situation of sugar alcohol in 2011 and the elements that boost or hinder market development.

  • Fluorine Industry into Golden Cycle in China

    The topic of this webinar was "Fluorine Industry into Golden Cycle in China", which drew great attention of professionals from well-known multinational enterprises, such as Syngenta, DuPont, Meister Media, etc., as well as other foreign companies which might discover new opportunities on China's fluorine market through this conference.

  • Opportunities and Challenges of China's Titanium Dioxide Industry

    This workshop is talk about the practical problems of TiO2 industry, and put up suggestions for the healthy development of China’s titanium dioxide industry. Many industry players such as: Dow Chemical, MASSO, Luohe Xingmao; Tianlun Chemical will participate this workshop.

  • Crop Protection China Market: Opportunities and Challenges

    This webinar is going to discuss how the government's Pesticide Industry Policy influenced the market and the Opportunities and Challenges that the Industry Integration would bring, which shared the ideas on how to cope with and get benefits from the Policy and what we should do to fit in and survive the new integrated industry.

  • China Crop Protection Summit 2011

    Chinese crop protection industry will embrace new development opportunities in the future years. China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS)2011 aims to present you various hotspots in China’s pesticide industry, including hot crop protection products, governmental policies and regulations, market growth and future trend.

  • Market Trend of China's Bromine Industry in the Future

    The webinar are with topics of Market situation, Government policy and development of major bromides, and Forecast.

  • Fast Development of China's Seed Industry

    In this webinar, CCM International mainly talk about the seed market value and its contribution to crop yield in China. Main reasons for the market value could be summed up as two points: soaring price of seeds and increasing commercialization degree. To be specific, CCM International analyzed different market segments, including vegetable seed, corn seed, rice seed, wheat seed and cotton seed.

  • How does Chinese citric acid industry cope with anti-dumping and anti-subsidy issues?

    The webinar will discuss the issue about anti-dumping investigations from the EU and the US, including the price agreement signed between the EU and six large Chinese citric acid enterprises.

  • Chinese Chlorpyrifos Industry Webinar

    This webinar of Chinese Chlorpyrifos Industry will go to discuss the current status of Chinese chlorpyrifos industry.