This will be a description of the different kind of events that we run at CCM and what you can gain from each of them.

  • China Crop Protection Summit 2013 Online

    Chinese crop protection industry will embrace new development in the future. So it is the right time to grasp the latest market information, technology innovation news and governmental policies, thus capturing opportunities in China's crop protection industry. CCM now brings you to China Crop Protection Summit to meet your need. Welcome to take part in the summit!

  • China Seed Workshop 2012 (2012年中国种业高层论坛)

    As the “Ten-Year Plan” is about to be released soon, China will accelerate the innovation in seed industry. This workshop will discuss the policy influence and hidden opportunities & challenges in China’s seed industry.

  • Analysis of China Starch Industry

    Starch plays a key role in deep processing, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. How is the current situation of China's starch market? What are the influencing factors in this industry? What is Chinese starch supply situation? What kinds of starch derivatives involved? Mr. Zhang, Professional Consultant and Speaker of this webinar, will share with you his unique perspective and insightful analysis about this promising industry.

  • Data Analysis & Investing In Emerging Markets

    Who are providing data about China? What information they are providing? Is the information they provide reliable? What are the real opportunities for investors? How to capture theseopportunities? This webinar will discuss all these questions for you.

  • Chicago Seminar - Data Analysis & Investing In Emerging Markets

    Everyone knows data is important to finance practitioner, but what kind of data is needed and how to use them to make strategic decision is seldom discussed. This seminar can help financial institutions learn how to make good use of data.

  • Analysis of China Glyphosate Industry

    This webinar will introduce the key influencing factors, latest dynamics and future trends of China’s glyphosate industry.

  • China Stevia Market Review and Forecast

    Stevia sweetener webinar will focus on the market review of China’s stevia sweetener industry in 2011, as well as the future trend of this boosting market.

  • China Crop Protection Summit 2012

    Chinese crop protection industry will embrace new development opportunities in the future years. China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS)2012 aims to present you various hotspots in China’s pesticide industry, including hot crop protection products, governmental policies and regulations, market growth and future trend.

  • China TIO2 Market Review and 2012 Forecast

    CCM International’s free TiO2 webinar will review China's TiO2 market and analyze the big events in 2011. Providen recent prices analysis and import & export situation in 2011, the future trend of China's TiO2 market in 2012 will also be shared as well.

  • Future of White Biotechnology in China – Governmental Policy and Feedstock

    In this webinar, CCM International will share with audiences about CCM's insight on governmental policy and feedstock supply from Future of White Biotechnology.