This will be a description of the different kind of events that we run at CCM and what you can gain from each of them.

  • Olefins Revolution: China Market Analysis and Forecast

    In this webinar, the latest research results summarized by CCM's experts are shared, and the presentation includes discussions on the following aspects: · What is the current state of the Chinese olefins market? · How are new MTO/CTO projects and existing PHD facilities in China performing? · How do major Chinese olefins manufacturers adjust their pricing strategies? How should Western competitors respond to them?

  • Chinese enterprises' survival amid China's economic and industry reshuffle and upgrade

    In 2010, the output of the manufacturing industry in China shared 19.8% of the global total, making China the second largest manufacturing country in the world. However, the manufacturing industry in China is now facing a lack of reliable independent research and development capability, independent brand marketing, etc. What conditions are traditional companies suffering from and what changes are they going to make?Join this webinar and you'll find out the answers to the these questions.

  • A review of significant events and trade activities in China for the first half of 2014

    According to statistics, China's import and export value reached USD4,160 billion in 2013, making it the world's biggest trade country. However, China's import and export still face many challenges like uneven industrial division, further expanding of trade deficit, gradually losing competitive advantage, etc. In the blink of an eye, 2014 has passed a half, what big events have taken place? Let's review together.

  • Catching up on Hot Topics of China’s Corn Products

    To share some hot topics of two kinds of corn products in China, namely monosodium glutamate (MSG) and corn oil. The highlighted hotspots include the export situation, policies analysis, ex-work prices, company performance, etc.

  • Introduction to CCM’s Latest Service Package: Online Agro Database

    Agro Database is a new online standard data service package specially designed for our clients.

  • China’s Agrochemicals Industry

    In this webinar, we will also share our findings and analysis on the influencing factors, including relevant government policies, environmental protection, social environment and economic technology.

  • What is the latest situation of China’s phosphorus industry?

    CCM is going to reveal the latest situation of China’s phosphorus industry, which is currently in the face of severe overcapacity and weak downstream demand.

  • Overview of the sweetener industry in China

    During the webinar, several hot spots in relation to China's sweetener industry may be discussed, such as why China’s stevia manufacturers have encountered difficulties in expanding their stevia markets in North America and European Union countries. CCM will also introduce major domestic stevia companies’ performance in the application for “organic certificate” issued by CERES and approved by European Union countries and the United States.

  • The latest intelligence on China’s glyphosate market, Q1 2013

    Glyphosate enjoys the largest production and consumption in herbicide industry in the world, and it also has the strongest vitality in pesticide industry in the world.