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    Data report_Production Situation of Emamectin Benzoate in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2012/10/29

    Keyword:Agriculture;Emamectin benzoate technical;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:Emamectin benzoate is a biological pesticide. It’s used to control lepidoptera, diptera pests on cotton, fruits, tea, tobacco, tomato and rice. In recent years, domestic needs are growing rapidly, now…

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    Benzoic Acid, Na Benzoate, Benzoate Plasticizers in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2012/08/23

    Keyword:Benzoic acid;Flavors & Fragrances;Food ingredients;Preservatives

    Description:As an effective additive, BA (benzoic acid) has been being widely applied in lots of fields in China for many years. In current time, most of the BA is consumed in food and beverage industry in the fo…

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    Insecticide Market and Company Dynamics in China in Q2 2017 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/10/17

    Keyword:Acetamiprid technical;Chlorpyrifos technical;Emamectin benzoate technical;Imidacloprid technical;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:This report is about China's insecticide market and company dynamics in Q2 2017. It contains several important parts as follows: - Mothly ex-works prices of 10 major insecticides with price analysis …

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    Insecticide Price in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2014/08/26

    Keyword:Abamectin technical;Agriculture;Dichlorvos technical;Emamectin benzoate technical;Imidacloprid technical;Insecticides;Omethoate technical;Pesticides;Pymetrozine technical

    Description:Background: Insecticide industry plays an important role in the whole pesticide industry in China. However, because of the slack market, insecticide price has kept decreasing in China in 2013. During …