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    July's insecticide registration in China (Insecticides China News 1708)

    Latest update:2017/08/25

    Keyword:Pesticides; Abamectin formulations; Acetamiprid formulations; Azadirachtin formulations; Azocyclotin formulations; Bacillus thuringiensis formulations; Bifenazate formulations; Buprofezin formulations; Carbosulfan formulations; Chlorfenapyr formulations; Clothianidin formulations; Cyromazine formulations; Diazinon formulations; Dinotefuran formulations; Dinotefuran technical; Emamectin benzoate formulations; Fenbutatin oxide formulations; Fenobucarb formulations; Fenpropathrin formulations; Fosthiazate formulations; Imidacloprid formulations; Isoprocarb formulations; Lambda-cyhalothrin formulations; Lambda-cyhalothrin technical; Lufenuron formulations; Matrine formulations; Metaflumizone formulations; Methoxyfenozide formulations; Monosultap formulations; Nitenpyram formulations; Phoxim formulations; Profenofos formulations; Profenofos technical; Pymetrozine formulations; Rotenone formulations; Semiamitraz chloride formulations; Spirodiclofen formulations; Thiacloprid formulations; Thiamethoxam formulations; Triazophos formulations; Triflumuron formulations;Beta-cypermethrin technical;Bifenazate formulations;Chlorpyrifos formulations;Clothianidin formulations;Etoxazole formulations;Nitenpyram formulations;Profenofos formulations;Pyridaben formulations;Thiamethoxam formulations;Triflumuron technical

    Description: The article is about insecticide registration in China in July.

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    Insecticide products to be registered in China for the first time (Insecticides China News 1708)

    Latest update:2017/08/22

    Keyword:Pesticides; SYP-9080;Chromafenozide formulations;Chromafenozide technical;Novaluron formulations;Novaluron technical;Paichongding formulations;Paichongding technical;Triflumezopyrim formulations;Triflumezopyrim technical

    Description: The 2017 List of Pesticides to be Approved for Registration (8th group) was released by the ICAMA on 3 Aug., 2017. Several insecticide products are included in the list. They are paichongding, chroma…

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    Xinyi Yongcheng to develop several hot insecticide varieties (Insecticides China News 1708)

    Latest update:2017/08/10

    Keyword:Pesticides;Acaricide;Carboxin technical;Clodinafop-propargyl technical;Crops;Etoxazole formulations;Etoxazole technical;Fenpyroximate technical;Flonicamid technical;Insecticide;Prothioconazole technical;Pyraclostrobin technical;Spirodiclofen technical;Spirotetramat formulations;Spirotetramat technical;Tolclofos-methyl technical

    Description: Xinyi Yongcheng planned to establish 3,700 t/a high efficacy insecticides and fungicides with an investment of USD67.55 million.

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    No insecticide registered in China in June (Insecticides China News 1707)

    Latest update:2017/07/24


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    Chongqing Chemical to seek new profit source from fungicides (Fungicides China News 1707)

    Latest update:2017/07/18

    Keyword:Pesticides;Bromacil technical;Cartap technical;Cyazofamid technical;Glyphosate technical;Isoxaflutole technical;Omethoate technical;Penoxsulam technical;Picoxystrobin technical;Pyraclostrobin technical;Spirodiclofen technical

    Description: Leading herbicide and insecticide producer Chongqing Chemical announced that it was to start construction of its 2,000 t/a pyraclostrobin TC project. This project is an important step for the company…

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    2017 China Top Selling Pesticide Brands (Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1706)

    Latest update:2017/06/30

    Keyword:Pesticides;1-Naphthyl acetic acid 10% PP;2,4-D dimethyl amine salt 60% AS;Abamectin 1.8% EC;Abamectin-aminomethyl 5% ME;Acetochlor 81.5% EC;Bacillus thuringiensis 32,000IU/mg WP;Beauveria bassiana 40 billion/g WP;Benziothiazolinone 3% WP;Biopesticides;Brassinolide 0.01% SLX;Carbendazim 50% SC;Carbendazim·tebuconazole 40% SC;Chlorantraniliprole 20% SC;Chlorantraniliprole·thiamethoxam 40% WG;Chlorfenapyr 240g/L SC;Choline chloride 60% AS;Cyhalofop-butyl 20% OD;Dazomet 98% MG;Difenoconazole 30% WG;Emamectin benzoate·indoxacarb 16% SC;Enadenine·oxyenadenine 0.004% SP;Ethephon 40% AS;Fosthiazate 5% ME;Fungicides;Gibberellic acid 3% EC;Gibberellic acid·diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate 10% SG;Glufosinate-ammonium 200g/L AS;Glyphosate 33% AS;Herbicides;Insecticide;Insecticides;Jingangmycin 20% AF;Kasugamycin 2% AS;Kasugamycin 3% WP;Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5% EC;MCPA-sodium 56% SP;Mancozeb 80% WP;Matrine 1.5% SL;Metiram·pyraclostrobin 60% WG;Nicosulfuron 40g/L OD;Nitenpyram 60% WP;Oligosaccharins 5% AS;Oligosaccharins·plant activator ;Oxadiazon 120g/L EC;Paclobutrazol 15% WP;Penoxsulam 2.5% OF;Pesticides;Phenamacril 25% SC;Phenazino-1-carboxylic acid 1% SC;Plant growth regulators;Propamocarb hydrochloride 722g/L AS;Pymetrozine 25% SC;Pymetrozine·nitenpyram 80% WG;Pyraclostrobin 250g/L EC;Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl·pretilachlor 17% PP;Silvchongxianan (SYP-9080) 10% SC;Sodium nitrophenolate 1.4% AS;Sodium ortho-nitrophenol·sodium para-nitrophenolate·sodium 2,4-dinitrophenolate·sodium 1-naphthal acitic acid 2.85% AS;Spirodiclofen 40% SC;Tebuconazole·fenaminstrobin 20% SC;Tebuconazole·trifloxystrobin 75% WG;Thiamethoxam 70% ZF;Thifluzamide 240g/L SC;Thiophanate-methyl 70% WP;Trifluralin 480g/L EC;Zinc thiazole 20% SC;protein 6% WP;pyraclostrobin·thiophanate-methyl 30% SC

    Description:In May 2017, the CCPIA published lists of 2017 China Top Selling Pesticide Brands.

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    UPL launches an acetamiprid insecticide in the US (Insecticides China News 1706)

    Latest update:2017/06/12

    Keyword:Pesticides;Acetamiprid formulations;Cotton

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    Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1705)

    Latest update:2017/05/27

    Keyword:Pesticides;Clethodim technical;Dicamba technical;Fomesafen technical;Fungicide;Herbicide;Insecticide;Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd.;Pesticides;S-metolachlor technical;Triasulfuron technical

    Description:In 2016, Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Changqing, stock code: 002391) achieved a revenue and a net profit of USD276.02 million and USD24.31 million, decreasing by 5.60% and 35.75% …

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    Jiangsu Changqing: increasing performance of insecticides business in 2016 (Insecticides China News 1705)

    Latest update:2017/05/27


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    Newly registered insecticide products in China in April (Insecticides China News 1705)

    Latest update:2017/05/26

    Keyword:Pesticides; Abamectin; Beta-cyfluthrin; Bifenthrin; Cartap; Chlorantraniliprole; Chlorbenzuron; Chlorfenapyr; Chlorpyrifos; Clothianidin; Cyromazine; Dinotefuran; Emamectin benzoate; Etoxazole; Fenazaquin; Hexaflumuron; Indoxacarb; Metaflumizone; Metaldehyde; Methoxyfenozide; Niclosamide ethanolamine; Nitenpyram; Phoxim; Pymetrozine; Spinosad; Spirodiclofen; Thiacloprid; Thiamethoxam;Imidacloprid;Insecticides

    Description: There were 88 insecticide products registered in China in April, and they came from 66 enterprises. The most popular were imidacloprid, thiamethoxam and dinotefuran while the most common form was SC.…

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    Insecticide businesses: profit to shrink in China (Insecticides China News 1705)

    Latest update:2017/05/26


    Description: Insecticide producers saw increasing net profits with the price significantly going up. However, the profiting space may shrink considering the financial costs, environmental costs and intensifying c…

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    China’s pesticide formulation import and export in March 2017 (Crop Farming China E-News 1705)

    Latest update:2017/05/22

    Keyword:Crops/Farming/Woods ;Fungicides formulations ;Herbicides formulations;Insecticide formulations

    Description: In this article, CCM will provide the export situation of China's pesticides formulations on March 2017. China's pesticides formulations in this article include insecticides, fungicides and herbicide…

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    Several pesticides to go off patent in China (Crop Farming China E-News 1705)

    Latest update:2017/05/12

    Keyword:Crops/Farming/Woods ;Benalaxy-M;Bifenazate;D-prallethrin;Dinotefuran;Enostroburin;Fenamidone;Flonicamid;Flucetosulfuron;Flufenpyr-ethyl;Fluopicolide;Fluoxastrobin;Fungicide;Fungicides;Herbicide;Insecticide;Insecticides;Metamifop;Monosulfuron-ester;Oxaziclomefone;Penoxsulam;Penthiopyrad;Pesticide;Pyraclostrobin;Pyribambenz-propyl;Pyribenzoxim;Pyridalyl;Sulfoxime

    Description: The following article makes a brief introduction to some herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides whose patents in China are to expire in the next few years.

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    Status quo of pest occurrence and insecticide application in China (Insecticides China News 1704)

    Latest update:2017/04/28

    Keyword:Pesticides;Abamectin formulations;Acephate formulations;Acricides;Bacillus thuringiensis formulations;Beauveria bassiana formulations;Blueberry;Buprofezin formulations;Cherry;Chlorantraniliprole formulations;Chlorpyrifos formulations;Corn;Cotton;Emamectin benzoate formulations;Fruit;Grape;Hexaflumuron formulations;Imidacloprid formulations;Insecticides;Lambda-cyhalothrin formulations;Peanut;Pesticide;Potato;Pyrethroids;Rice;Soybean;Thiamethoxam formulations;Vegetable;Wheat

    Description: In late March 2017, the 2nd Insecticide Development & Promotion Exchange Meeting was held in Jiangsu, during which experts reported on the status quo of pest occurrence and insecticide application in…

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    Jiangsu Yangnong: its subsidiary to establish a new insecticide project (Insecticides China News 1704)

    Latest update:2017/04/25

    Keyword:Pesticides; Haloxyfop-R-methyl formulations;Chlorfluazuron formulations;Chloroacetophenone formulations;Difenoconazole formulations;Ethametsulfuron formulations;Metoxadiazone formulations;Metoxadiazone technical;Propiconazole formulations;Pyrethrins formulations;Thidiazuron formulations

    Description: On 14 April, 2017, Jiangsu Yangnong announced that its holding subsidiary——Jiangsu Youjia was planning to invest in a group of new projects, including 11,475 t/a insecticides, 1,000 t/a herbicides, 3…

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    China’s pesticide formulation import and export in Feb. 2017 (Crop Farming China E-News 1704)

    Latest update:2017/04/18

    Keyword:Crops/Farming/Woods ;Fungicides formulations ;Herbicides formulations;Insecticide formulations;Pesticide formulations

    Description: In Feb. 2017, China imported 6,433 tonnes of pesticide formulations, down 7.05% YoY (year on year); import value hit USD55.64 million, down 16.28% YoY. The export volume and value of pesticide formul…

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    Insecticide technical: March sees ex-works price rise in China (Insecticides China News 1703)

    Latest update:2017/03/24

    Keyword:Pesticides;Insecticides;Insecticides TC;Pesticide

    Description: At present, the price of insecticide technical in China is increasing on the whole. Low operating rate, which mainly results from stricter environmental protection supervision, as well as increasing …

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    Eight insecticide technical registered in China in Feb. 2017 (Insecticides China News 1703)

    Latest update:2017/03/22

    Keyword:Pesticides;Guadipyr formulations;Guadipyr technical;Tolfenpyrad formulations

    Description: According to the ICAMA, a total of eight registration certificates for insecticide technical have been issued in China, in which six are five-year official registrations and two are one-year temporar…

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