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    A blast happened in Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2011/11/14

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Company dynamics

    Description: A blast in tailpipe of phosphorus trichloride plant happened in Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. on Nov. 9 2011, while the company was having a check and maintenance. It's reported that two persons were kill…

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    Basic information of Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2011/03/23

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Basic info

    Description: Hubei Sanonda is mainly engaged in the production and sales of agrochemicals, fertilizers, medicine, etc. At present, the company who owns four subsidiaries has annual production capacity of 35,000t…

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    The purpose of the reorganization of Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2012/05/11

    Keyword:ChemChina Group;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Company dynamics

    Description: However, the transaction is far less than expectation because there are only two pesticide subsidiaries of ChemChina involved. Some other more famous pesticide subsidiaries which are predicted by th…

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    Market of Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2012/03/21

    Keyword:ChemChina;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Export;Market share;Marketing

    Description: The overseas market is very important for Hubei Sanonda. As a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), a large state-owned group in China, Hubei Sanonda benefits a lot from sha…

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    The glyphosate price of Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2012/01/10

    Keyword:Glyphosate 62%IPA;95% glyphosate technical;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. ;Price

    Description: Hubei Sanonda produces the following glyphosate products:

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    Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.

    Latest update:2011/03/21

    Keyword:Imidacloprid technical;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Production/Supply;Background;Producer

    Description: Address: No. 93, East Beijing Road, Jingzhou City 434001, Hubei Province, P.R. China

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    Hubei Sanonda's reorganization aborts

    Latest update:2012/11/08

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;China National Chemical Corporation ;Company dynamics;Industrial integration

    Description: After more than nine months' great efforts in major assets reorganization launched by China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), one of the largest state-owned groups, Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.…

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    Hubei Sanonda's pyridine production.

    Latest update:2011/04/07

    Keyword:Pyridine;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Company dynamics;New project/new production line

    Description: Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. (Hubei Sanonda)

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    Background of Hubei Sanonda Company

    Latest update:2010/01/22

    Keyword:Pharmaceuticals industry;Chemicals industry;Pesticide;Glyphosate technical;China National Chemical Corporation;Hubei Sanonda Company;Background;Producer

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    Introduction to Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2009/12/18

    Keyword:Fine Chemicals & functional chemicals;Pesticides;Glyphosate technical;Paraquat technical;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Production/Supply;Background

    Description: Hubei Sanonda, located in Jingzhou City, is a listed company with business covering R&D, production and marketing of pesticides and fine chemicals. In terms of herbicide business, apart from paraqua…

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    Hubei Sanonda sells equity of Zhengzhou Sanonda

    Latest update:2009/12/22

    Keyword:Paraquat technical;Hubei Sanonda Tianmen Agrochemical Company;Zhengzhou State-Owned Asset Management Bureau;Sanonda Zhengzhou Pesticides Company;Zhengzhou Xintiandi Agricultural & Chemicals Company;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Environmental protection;Company dynamics;Affiliated company;Price

    Description:Hubei Sanonda Company (Hubei Sanonda) signed an equity transfer agreement with Zhengzhou Xintiandi Agricultural & Chemicals Company (Zhengzhou Xintiandi) on 23 September 2009, selling its 70% equity o…

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    Brief introduction to Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2010/01/07

    Keyword:Pesticide;Agrochemical;Glyphosate technical;Paraquat technical;Quizalofopethyl technical;Triazophos technical;Chlorpyrifos technical;Permethrin technical;Phthalic Anhydride;Synthesized amine;Caustic soda;Shenzhen Stock Exchange;Hubei Sanonda Group;Hubei Sanonda Co.,Ltd.;Export;Export destination;Background;Affiliated company;Profit/Revenue;Sale

    Description:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. (Hubei Sanonda) was formed in 1992 on the basis of Hubei Shashi Pesticide Factory, which set up in 1965. In Dec. 1993, this company listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as A s…

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    Brief introduction of Hubei Sanonda

    Latest update:2011/08/22

    Keyword:Methomyl technical;Monosultap technical;Acetamiprid technical;Imidacloprid technical;Triazophos technical;DDVP;Trichlorfon technical;Acephate technical;Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Background

    Description: Hubei Sanonda (former Hubei Sha City Pesticide Factory) was built in 1958. Its major pesticides are herbicides and insecticides. The latter mainly covers acephate, trichlorfon, DDVP, triazophos, imi…

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    Cooperaton of Hubei Sanonda Company and Sanonda Group Corporation on formaldehyde

    Latest update:2010/01/07

    Keyword:Formaldehyde;Jinzhou Lingxiang Chemical Company;Sanonda Group Corporation;Hubei Sanonda Company;Production/Supply;Background

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    Hubei Sanonda's performance in the first half of 2013

    Latest update:2013/09/18

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda;Profit/Revenue

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    Background of Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.

    Latest update:2016/12/21

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Background

    Description: Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. (Hubei Sanonda), a subordinate of China National Agrochemical Corporation, was established in 1992 on the basis of Hubei Shashi Pesticide Factory, which was set up in 1965.

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    Distribution network of Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.

    Latest update:2014/03/20

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Marketing

    Description: Hubei Sanonda claimed that it will try the E-commerce model and set up some experimental direct sales stations. It will make sure the sales volume of key products meets its sales goal. Meanwhile, th…

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    Strategic direction of Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.

    Latest update:2014/02/25

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Strategy

    Description: In recent years, Hubei Sanonda has been paying more attention to enlarge its sales points to increase sales volumes with exploring markets. Sales management and marketing data system building are th…

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    Brief introduction of Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.

    Latest update:2012/09/19

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Background

    Description: Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. (Hubei Sanonda)'s predecessor was a state-run Hubei Shashi Agrochemical Plant set up in 1958. In Aug. 1992, the former enterprise was reorganized into Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.…

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    Company background of Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.

    Latest update:2012/05/08

    Keyword:Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.;Background

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