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    Market situation of biological pesticide and chemical pesticide

    Latest update:2010/03/31

    Keyword:Chemical pesticide;Biological pesticide;Challenge;R&D/Technology innovation

    Description:Though Chinese biological pesticide has experienced rapid development in recent years, as the biological pesticide R&D has been emphasized as a national key development plan, it is still relatively we…

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    Forecast on pesticide use and pesticide market

    Latest update:2012/07/02

    Keyword:Chinese pesticide use and market;Forecast/Trend

    Description: With the increasing health consciousness of people, China will pay more and more attention to the management of pesticide use to protect the safety of drinking water. Under the circumstances, only p…

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    Exports of pesticide in Jiangsu, 2011-2015

    Latest update:2016/03/24


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    Registration of pesticide in China

    Latest update:2013/01/24


    Description: In Jan. 10, 2013, there are 27,296 valid pesticide registrations applied by 2,323 companies in China, including 3,120 for technical, 16,619 for single formulation and 7,557 for mixed formulation. Co…

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    Pesticide price trend in 2012

    Latest update:2012/12/27


    Description: The prices of domestic pesticides have seen growth in 2012 over 2011 due to the price increase of raw materials and the gradually recovered export. However, the prices of bulk pesticides have witnes…

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    Pesticide demand increases in China

    Latest update:2011/01/05


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    Registration of pesticide in China

    Latest update:2013/01/22


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    Registration of pesticide in China, Jan.2013-Feb.2016

    Latest update:2016/04/07

    Keyword:Pesticide technical;Pesticide formulations;Registration

    Description: As of 29 Feb., 2016, in China, there were 36,959 registrations of pesticides, including 3,724 for technical, 23,154 for single formulations and 10,081 for mixed formulations.

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    Characteristics of China's pesticide production

    Latest update:2010/03/18

    Keyword:generic pesticide;pesticide technical;pesticide;Production/Supply;Investment;Sale

    Description:Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shandong province are the key regions for pesticide production in China, especially for pesticide technical. The sales value of the above three regions accounte…

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    Producers of Chinese pesticide

    Latest update:2011/05/23

    Keyword:Pesticides;Pesticide formulations;Pesticide technical;Producer

    Description: Producers China's pesticide producers are known universally by their small scale. Only eight agrochemical companies in China have annual sales value exceeding USD146 million (RMB1 billion), and…

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    Output value of pesticide

    Latest update:2011/04/22

    Keyword:Pesticides;Pesticide formulations;Pesticide technical;Profit/Revenue

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    Characteristics of China's Pesticide formulation

    Latest update:2010/03/18

    Keyword:pesticide;Pesticide formulations;Producer;Factor;Variety/Species

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    New Regulations on Pesticide Administration is to benefit leading pesticide manufacturers

    Latest update:2017/08/19

    Keyword:Pesticide;Regulations on Pesticide Administration ;Producer;Profit/Revenue

    Description: New Regulations on Pesticide Administration to benefit leading pesticide manufacturers

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    Chinese policies on bio-pesticide

    Latest update:2016/03/18


    Description: In recent years, the Chinese government has continuously released a series of policies to accelerate the industrial integration, adjust the construction of production line and boost overall competit…

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    Development of pharmaceutical and pesticide

    Latest update:2015/02/16

    Keyword:Pesticide;pharmaceutical ;Market dynamics

    Description: Pesticide

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    Advice for bio-pesticide manufacturers

    Latest update:2014/12/03

    Keyword:Bio-pesticide manufacturers;Strategy

    Description: In order to redouble the promoting efforts into the development of bio-pesticides, enterprises are supposed to establish alliances of industry, academia and the research community based on the origi…

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    Pesticide consumption situation in China

    Latest update:2014/03/12


    Description: China is the largest pesticide consumer in the world. In recent 5 years, about 16.0 million tonnes-18.0 million tonnes of pesticides have been used in agricultural production in China. However, the …

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    Pesticide Industry Policy

    Latest update:2013/03/13

    Keyword:Pesticide Industry Policy;Policy

    Description: On 19 Sept., 2010, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the formal "Pesticide Industry Policy" after about one year's preparation. The policy, with the main purpos…

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    Pesticide export condition in 2012

    Latest update:2012/12/27

    Keyword:pesticide export;Export

    Description: Herbicide was still the largest export product from China and its total export volume in Jan.–Oct. 2012 accounted for 66.48% of China's total pesticide export volume. The export value of herbicide a…

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    Total pesticide output in 2012

    Latest update:2012/12/27

    Keyword:pesticide output;Production/Supply

    Description: China's total pesticide output from Jan. to Nov. 2012 reached 3.2 million tonnes, up 19.7% over the same period of 2011. Pushed up by the increasing demand of glyphosate and 2,4-D in this period, th…